Rise of the Soviets

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Rise of the Soviets
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I found this, looks very impressive.  However I could find nothing about the author, so I am asking in various places if anyone can supply further info.  As I say, looks significant.    https://ia902909.us.archive.org/0/items/SovietsEveOctRev/SovietsEveOctRev.pdf

Anatoly Andreev, aside from

Anatoly Andreev, aside from The Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies on the Eve of the October Revolution (1967, English tr. 1971) - a book which I also signaled as significant when it was uploaded -, further authored Soldier masses of the Russian army garrisons on the eve of the October revolution (1975. 343 p.), and Local Soviets and Organs of Bourgeois Power (1917) (1983. 334 p.). The latter is on the situation of dual power. It seems that Andreev was associated with the Institute of History (Academy of Sciences of USSR).

This institute put out also the big three-volume Soviets during the October Revolution and Civil War (Советы в период Октябрьской революции и гражданской войны). The third volume is online here (in Russian of course).



Thanks for the cite, i hope

Thanks for the cite, i hope to find time to have a read.