Has ICC made any plans if hydroxychloroquine is effective?

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Has ICC made any plans if hydroxychloroquine is effective?
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We forgive all the mistakes of the winner, but none of the loser.

If the HCQ proves effective against covid-19, it will be the drop of water that will make the vase overflow.

The French state has prohibited HCQ, with the exception of cases where it is manifestly useless (“compassionate” care for dying people, with a good dose of Clonazepam, to pass the pill).

If the double-blind trials are conclusive, this will mean that the French state has banned an effective molecule with mild side effects to highlight other antivirals, including remdesivir of Gilead whose stock market action has exploded.

The double standard, while Remedesivir is a drug which has not proven its effectiveness but its toxicity, the double standard which has made thousands of deaths to enrich Gilead, the double standard will set fire to the powder.

People are fed up with this damn confinement! The cops dispersed the rallies in the streets under the pretext of fighting against "contagion", when there was no mask, no tests and no treatment! If it turns out that there was treatment, but the government has banned it!

The French state, by its imbecile confinement, has manufactured a huge pressure cooker which is likely to explode as soon as people understand that it's literally laughing of their face.

What would the ICC do or not

What would the ICC do or not do? It takes time, often years, to determine if a drug is useful and safe for treating a particular condition. There are scientific and medical procedures that should be followed: double blinded, placebo trials, etc. I get that in the middle of a pandemic this may not prove feasible, such that we still don't know if hydroxychloroquine and its relatives are effective or not against Covid-19, even though it has been used in a number of cases with anecdotal results. Often, the results of these trials are not definitive--effectiveness might depend on dose, when it is administered, how sick the patient is, etc. and there likely will not be time to get an answer to these questions in anything other than an anecdotal way during the course of the pandemic. Some trials already done have suggested that HCQ is a dud, but one can find ways to question the methodologies of those studies, just as has been done with Remdesivir itself. Could there be competing commerical and/or nationalist interests skewing these studies, or at the very least the characterization of their results? Of course. But its not clear why the French state, or any other, would have an interest in knowingly preventing the use of therapeutics for Covid-19.

The question is not there.

The question is not there. The question is: will there be a mass movement against the government, because of the calamitous management of the crisis?

Not only has the French state enacted an exceptional ban on a promising and harmless drug - but a Spanish study seems to confirm that blind confinment had NO effect on the contamination rate, and may even have increased it in confined workers.

For the time being, people are kept silent by the terror distilled by the states, but when they realize that mortality is not greater than the flu globally, that excess mortality in some countries has been engendered by the governments themself, a large-scale mass movement is not at all impossible.

Spain and Italy went into debt to the neck to cope with the crisis, with no demonstrated results. The debt crisis is coming, production has collapsed.

When the terror will be gone - and they cannot eternally scare the people with bits of rags - it is anger that will awaken, an anger whose limits it is difficult to imagine.