Covid 19: a pretext for dictatorship?

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Covid 19: a pretext for dictatorship?
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The French government plans to postpone the municipal elections. Although I am an abstainer, I am not unaware of what the “postponement” of the elections means, just as nobody should ignore the significance of the national quarantines for the freedom to come and go.

Covid 19 has killed 3,500 people worldwide.

But respiratory infections and chronic respiratory diseases kill more than 6 million people a year. Cancer of the trachea, bronchi and lungs kills an additional 2 million a year. Other diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, diarrheal diseases and tuberculosis still count their deaths by the millions.

Although Covid 19 is a new disease and there are reasons to be cautious, it is no exaggeration to say that there is a total disproportion between the dangerousness of the disease and the measures taken.

I was very surprised that capitalist states take such "humanitarian" measures against covid 19, when this disease mainly kills the elderly and the chronically ill, and thus reduces the incidental costs of the labor force.

There could be a more direct purpose for dictatorial quarantine measures, which are a real economic disaster for nations.

The underlying goal might be to strengthen the power of the state to a degree such as exists only in states of war.

Quarantine measures could be a general exercise to prepare states for an open dictatorship, the abolition of democracy and war.

This epidemic could serve to suppress all democratic rights for an indefinite period.

We should think about this.