If the ICC had the power, would it maintain special pension schemes in France?

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If the ICC had the power, would it maintain special pension schemes in France?
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I do not quite understand why the ICC is opposed to the pension reform. Is it not in the interest of the proletariat to have similar living conditions in its relationship with the bourgeoisie?

In fact, having a homogenous pension system on a European scale would be even better.

The centralization of the calculation of this "deferred salary", which is pensions, reduces the administrative expenses.

How does the ICC want pensions to be managed? If there was a revolution, how would the ICC manage the payment of pensions? It would keep 42 pension plans? And internationally, the ICC wants to keep the thousands of pension systems that exist around the world?

Every organization is formed

Every organization is formed for a specific purpose, so ICC  is striving for revolution, not  for reform.

You can search for such an organization elsewhere

How does opposing the

How does opposing the unification of pension plans in France approach the ICC of the revolution?

What is the logical connection between the two?

What is the connection?



We cannot build the future community plan here right now. From Marx's view, socio-economic systems are a form of society that all human societies have passed through, or will pass through. Each of these social systems has its own dialectical movement. In general, it can be said that each of these systems, in addition to having its own superior production method, contains remnants of earlier systems and immature buds of future systems. But it is only in the capitalist class society because of the features of the capitalist mode of production that it does not allow the seeds of a future society (socialism) like the former to emerge from within its predecessor. This is why socialism must be built and dealt with by the only revolutionary class equipped with class consciousness, based on the social, economic and political conditions of its day.

> We cannot build the future

> We cannot build the future community plan here right now.

However, can you support the union's corporatist-syndicalist plan?

Have you read the Manifesto of the Communist Party?

Are you aware that the main factor of the revolution is the homogenization of the conditions of existence of the proletariat?

It is beautiful communism, if the ICC defends each of the 42 privileges of corporations!

It's syndicalism 2.0!

It feels like returning in 1776, when the corporations opposed the edict of Turgot, suppressing the guilds!

It is a sacrilege to claim that the living conditions of the proletariat are as similar as possible? Some might re-read the Manifesto, instead of being dragged into a corporatist-syndicalist movement!

a class movement

What we are seeing in France is a class movement, despite all the efforts of the unions to reinforce corporatism. Communists have to support unifying demands which call for the conditions of all workers to to be raised. They never ask the bourgeois state to reduce all workers to the same level. And by the way, it is not the task of a revolutionary communist organisation - a minority of the class - to take power on behalf of the workers.