environmental disaster, the poison of militarism

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environmental disaster, the poison of militarism
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A bit more on the militarisation of space

It wasn't so much Man on the Moon and his now-deleted from the commentaries Old Testament prophecies that seemed to reflect the thirst for knowledge about space while raising wider questions, but the un-manned missions:
Cassini, the result of international collaboration with its pictures of the rings of Saturn and discoveries of other moons including one covered with clean, fresh ice, spurting jets of water;
Pioneer and Voyager's one and two, visiting the outer reaches of the Solar System;
The Hubble Telescope, launched in 1990 showed the potential of a high level of associated labour that required the repair, innovation and maintenance of such a sophisticated piece of equipment and research. The images and fine measurements taken by Hubble go back in time and show the most amazing depictions of clusters, nebulas and galaxies, including a super-hot exploding star expanding into a giant bubble - hubble, bubble... It's a real, scientific achievement of interest to whole of human knowledge.

Unfortunately, here on Earth,there are other, stronger, forces presently determining their dreams of space and it's one of a militarised vision.

The "dream" of space has fallen into the grubby hands of wealthy chancers like Eton Musk and Richard Branson and the likes of Russian billionaire,  Igor Ashurbeyli whose money, despite his wacky ideas (including re-settlement for 2% of the Earth's population in space), has attracted the interest of British defence contractors.

A British "Project Oberon" is to send up small carbon-fibre spacecraft that will be able to identify targets at night and through cloud. It is an upgrade on the previous system run by the military and they've said it will be useful for "disaster response" and sorting out traffic jams and the like. Less coy was Air-Vice Marshall Rochelle, head of Britain's space "defence": Britain had to "speed-up" its response: move into the "contested environment", adding, "the fight is on". Rochelle, who works with the "5-eyes" intelligence group, has suggested building a "space-coalition". Despite the bluster of the airman, there's no doubt of the militarisation of space.  Hundreds of the satellites now in orbit are run and directed by the military.


U.S. militarism and environment

Another connection between militarism and the rapid destruction of our planet: "The Pentagon produced 59 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 alone, more than Sweden and Denmark, according to a study released by Brown University's Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs." This is a consequence of having 800 bases and "facilities" outside of U.S. borders and (as of 2014) special forces operating in 135 countries.