leaflet and public forum on climate change protests

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leaflet and public forum on climate change protests
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The international leaflet in response to the climate change protests scheduled for 20th September is now up on the site in PDF format, so that comrades who agree with it or think that it's useful for sparking a discussion can copy and distribute it. We appeal to comrades who can help us distribute at the main London demo on 20 September to contact us. We also encourage readers and supporters - as well as those who have disagreements wth the approach in the leaflet - to come to our public meeting at 2pm on 19 October, May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH

September 20 'global strike'

I posted this on libcom as well. It's a short account of our experience at the London  version of the 'strike for climate' on Friday 20 September. It would be interesting to receive further accounts or reflections

Some ICC comrades and sympathisers went to the London event (and also to Liverpool). We sold our current paper (in small numbers...) but concentrated on giving out our leaflet and a previous issue of World Revolution (383) which has several articles on the ecology question. Young people tended to be more interested in taking stuff than some of the older hands. No one was upset by the wasted paper. We met comrades from the CWO who were giving out Aurora. A few interesting discussions with participants, but it wasn't a very political atmosphere.
Sunny weather , a park by the Thames. Plenty of loud music and amusing placards. So more of a day out than a 'strike', and completely dominated by the various forces of the bourgeoisie. We left towards the end when Corbyn came on.
There is a real indignation here, an awareness among some very young people of something utterly flawed in the way society functions, which makes it all the more sickening that an adroitly set up campaign has so rapidly taken charge of the whole 'discourse' and is defining all the parameters of organisation and action. This cannot be separated from the inter-classist nature of the protests, even if real workers' strike movements can also be entirely derailed and smothered by the bourgeoisie.
In many ways, this 'strike' was completely kettled by the police who discretely surrounded the park and laid out start and end times. Not in an open brutal way like in the student movement of 2010, but in a more smiley and 'considerate' manner