Polemic with the International Communist Current: Working Class or the Masses?

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Polemic with the International Communist Current: Working Class or the Masses?
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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Culture of debate
  • Critique of the Weak Link Theory
  • Metropolis and Periphery
  • Street Popular Protests
  • Contexts and Perspectives of Popular Protests
  • Disregard for Popular Protests or Proletarian Perspectives
  • Popular Street Protests Against Clergy
  • Shadow of Nationalism Over Popular Protests
  • Protests Against Trade Unions
  • False Division Between Protest and Strike
  • Going Off the Rails of the Internationalist Voice
  • Suppression or Class Consciousness
  • Avoid an Answer
  • Yellow Vests Movement
  • The Class Struggle and the ICC
  • Notes
  • Basic Positions


Thanks for that. There's some

Thanks for that. There's some areas of clarification around the question of protests, etc.; that I think we can work on. The idea of the ICC as a publication-only organisation needs a response, as does what appear to be weaknesses in IV's analysis of the role and function of unions on the ground. Not unconnected, IV is also ambiguous on the critique of the theory of the weak link so we need to look at this again.Will respond in due course.

Street protests in the Iraqi Kurdistan

In recent days, we have witnessed street protests in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, which have been accompanied by news censorship by the bourgeois media. The polemic is valid for these protests as well.

Tensions are rising on the

Tensions are rising on the northern Iraqi-Syrian border between Kurdish factions belonging to the YPG/PKK and the Peshmergas of the Kurdish Democratic Party (though split itself, the main party in the Kurdish Regional Government which also has strong ties with Ankara. It's only skirmishes that have broken out at the moment between the two well-armed forces but Turkish air-strikes continue on the former. This is part of fratricidal history of Kurdish infighting under the aegis of wider imperialist powers which continues to spiral downwards from one generation to the next in the same bloody cycle of cannon-fodder. It is ridiculous to imagine that forces worthy of proletarian support or "revolutionary" forces could ever emerge from such imperialist confrontations.

The tensions are a further example of the centrifugal tendencies from the war in Syria spilling over into larger areas - into an already destabilised Iraq in this case, with the predictable results of more instability and devastation to come. Just in the small region around the recent Kurdish faction-fighting over 400 towns and villages have been emptied and thousands of civilians uprooted, displaced, wounded and killed.

This at a time when the war in the Middle East itself is spilling over into the Horn of Africa with some venom and a great deal of assistance from Turkish, Saudi, Israeli forces and those of the UAE, Iran and Syria with any number of different "considerations" coming into play. No doubt China and Russia are implicated and though the UK has sent troops to some "hot-spots", just like Syria and Iraq, the forces of the west, the US included, have mostly been sidelined. There seems little chance at the moment of this intensification of fighting coming under any sort of control with all the consequences of that.



Hello IV.  I've tried to download a few of your statements for later reading, but they "can't be securely downliaded", says my phone. 

Just fyi.

Thank you for your message

Thank you for your message and your interest in reading the articles of the International Voice, and sorry for not being able to download the articles. If you wish, you can send the list of your requested articles to the International Voice e-mail so that the articles can be sent to you.


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