France: Yellow vest protests about fuel and taxes in general

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France: Yellow vest protests about fuel and taxes in general
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There has been some days already of protests in France regarding taxes. It is reported by the media as a:
-"middle class", the poor, the normal french (living in small-medium cities), leaderless, uncertain, difficult..."government used to have someone to negotiate with or to fight with, which is not the case now: unions or political parties didn't start it, although some of them are using this" (...)
"The government is lowering taxes in some sectors, but this is affecting those who use more their cars, those who don't use the subway in the cities and are feeling more the petrol prices going up" ( )
Meanwhile Macron is publicly taking importance out of it, because it "it is normal to suffer a little bit adapting to a more ecological world"

Media is underlining the 2 deaths and other wounded as some consequence of this movement (which are tragic but the causes are not very clearly informed).

Media is also making comparisons with right populism and making it a kind of mix of "ordinary people movement" where only the 'far-right and far-left' are being directly involved. Far-right is probably trying to move it towards a nationalist movement of the countryside petite-bourgeoisie.
Trotskyists are joining the thing, as they would do with anything else, of course saying that the CGT should support the protests and explaining its errors and what unions should do: using a double talk about 'protests without unions' and 'what unions should do':

On the whole, I didn't get a clear thing from it. Also couldn't find signs of assemblies or worker solidarity. It is very diffuse information. I hope that the discussion may clarify a bit more.

It is a very heterogeneous

It is a very heterogeneous movement, which includes elements of extreme left and extreme right. It would be futile to describe this movement as a whole. However, it seems that the extreme right is at the forefront of this movement (fight against taxes, destruction of highway radars, blue-white-red flags, denunciation of "illegal" migrants ...)

Personally I do not participate in this movement because it contains nothing progressive and is led by the extreme right. I prefer to work with Moroccans for the fight against unemployment in Morocco. It does not work very well, but at least it makes sense to me.

new article in RI
The ICC writes: "The French

The ICC writes: "The French Observatory of Economic Conditions, the annual disposable income of households (that is to say, what remains after taxes and contributions) was cut by 440 euros on average between 2008 and 2016."

But if we read the study in detail, economists write:

"The richest 5% saw their annual disposable income drop by 5640 euros as a result of the new measures concerning the levies (increase in social contributions, creation of a 45% income tax bracket (IR), taxation of capital income, etc.) ".

At the same time, "the 5% of the poorest have seen their annual disposable income increase by more than 450 euros and the 5% above have seen it increase by 890 euros because of the reforms of the benefits (revaluation of the minimum social benefits, creation of the activity bonus, etc.) "


This strongly suggests that the movement of yellow vests is a movement of the intermediate social strates, "rich" proletarians and small bosses.

This explains why, since I am too poor to pay taxes or to have a car, I do not feel concerned by this movement.

Other than that, the ICC

Other than that, the ICC analysis is very relevant: it changes the unreasonable craze of wsws.

It is clear, however, that a movement against taxes, against rising fuel prices and against highway radars, is not a proletarian movement.

The aims of the movement are not proletarian (no internationalism), nor the methods (no General Assemblies or Councils, no strikes).

However, it is not excluded that a proletarian movement develops in the wake of the movement of yellow vests: If we see appear strikes, General Assemblies, it will mean that the proletariat has taken the leadership.

I would be interested in a discussion between wsws and the ICC on this issue, but a calm discussion, not a barren argument where everyone accuses each other.

Here is finally a list of

Here is finally a list of claiming of Yellow Vests. As expected, these are mainly claims of small bosses, farmers, truckers, etc.


Two main propositions
Reduce all taxes
Creation of a citizens' assembly

Other proposals, on transport and ecology
Reduction of the TICPE as well as the carbon tax
Suppression of the bill to ban non-road diesel "red fuel oil" (for farmers [subsidized gasoline])
Prohibition of glyphosate
Cancellation of the biofuel bill with [foreign] palm oil (shale gas, GMOs)
Abandonment of the project to renew the French car fleet in electric, and marketing of [national] biofuels

On an institutional reform
Consultation of the people more frequent, by national referendum but also local
Suppression of the Senate
Recognize and count the white vote in the various election ballots
Promulgation of laws by the citizens themselves

On employment and businesses
Decrease in employer charges [i.e. decrease the super gross wage, less Social Security]
Increased public financial aid for permanent hiring on fixed-term contracts as well as for apprenticeship contracts:
-More particularly emphasized for hiring people with reduced mobility
-Favoring non-precarious jobs
Increase of the minimal wage. Revalorise accordingly the calculation of the family quotient
Help to return to employment or professional reconversion through effective and rewarding training
Respect the gender balance: alignment of the qualification and the position held at equal pay

To fight against precariousness
Increase in pensions
End of special pensions
Reassessment of Housing Allowance (APL)
Increased student financial assistance for settlement, mobility and culture
Retirement to the same calculation for all

In favor of the reduction of the public accounts budget
Significant reduction in the salaries of government members
Abolition of privileges (salaries after term, fictitious jobs, allowances)
Control of expense claims of elected officials
Compulsory physical presence of elected representatives in Assembly

For education, culture or health
Creating a real POSTBAC
Inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of society
Access to culture for all
Decrease in assistantship [ie. decrease in public support for the poor]
Deletion of Article 80 (paramedics) [Regulation of private ambulance drivers, which disadvantage small bosses in favor of large companies]
Total proportional restatement of the inheritance tax scale [ie. : lower taxes on important inheritances]

This ain't it, chief

That seems just a poll (sondage) though, inviting participants to either say "yes" or "no" to a list of demands (sent in and collected), and with the possibility to add further demands.

Pretty dismissive also Libcom, no thread by them yet (on twitter one of them regarded it as right-wing, if I recall). Naturally all parties try to recouperate the movement, like the ICC says (in order to condemn the movement), but just to make a comparison, in case of "Arab spring" in Egypt etc. the ICC at that time didn't care about that (support of liberals, muslim brotherhood).

On the other hand, the blog of a former-ICC member (proletariat universel) is very in favour of engaging with the movement (also has a personal report at a meeting that has criticisms, naturally).

The "spokespersons" like Priscilla Ludosky or Maxime Nicolle sound very sympathetic.



Priscilla Ludosky is at the

Priscilla Ludosky is at the head of a very small cosmetics company, whose share capital is € 24,300 and has no employees. It belongs therefore to the class of the petty bourgeoisie, and therefore perfectly represents the movement.

Maxime Nicolle is an interim worker, so he belongs to the working class. However, according to his Facebook account, he is an extreme right-wing activist (supporting Marine Lepen and Sebastian Kurz). He too is a good representative of Yellow Vests.


I think other representatives, must have the same kind of profile.

The movement of the Yellow Vests is quite obviously a petty-bourgeois movement.

Mathieu Blavier: law student,

Mathieu Blavier: law student, supporter of Marion Maréchal Le Pen (far right). He opposes immigration.

Julien Terrier: Former soldier, he was for a nationalist coup at the time of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Partisan of the civil war against the inner enemy, the Islamists.

Maxime Nicolle: interim worker, anti-migrant nationalist.

Priscillia Ludosky: Head of a small organic cosmetics company. Probably ecologist.

Eric Drouet: truck driver. His political positions are not clear to me. It seems to have quite classic petty-bourgeois positions: slight nationalist, mistrust towards migrants, he is against fuel taxes, obviously.

Jason Herbert: ecologist, trade unionist at the CFDT, he supports François Ruffin, an anti-migrant politician in the "France Insoumise" party.

Thomas Miralles: first PS in 2010 then candidate for the National Front in 2014 (far right).

Marine Charette-Labadie: waitress (proletariat, therefore), she calls herself "rather left". Feminist.

Other claims

Here is other claims, that shows the Yellow Vests movment is totally heterogeneous.


Zero homeless: URGENT.

• More progressivity in income tax, ie more tranches.

• Smic at 1,300 euros net.

• Promote small businesses in villages and town centers. Stop the construction of large commercial areas around major cities that kill small businesses and more free parking in city centers.

• Large plan of Insulation of dwellings to make ecology by saving households.

• Taxes: LARGE compagnies (MacDo, Google, Amazon, Carrefour ...) pay LARGE and small compagnies (artisans, small businesses) pay small.

• Same Social Security system for everyone (including artisans and autoentrepreneurs). End of the RSI. 

• The pension system must remain in solidarity and therefore socialized. No point retirement.

• End of the increase in fuel taxes.

• No retirement below 1,200 euros.

• Any elected representative will be entitled to the median salary. His transport costs will be monitored and reimbursed if they are justified. Right to the restaurant ticket and the holiday voucher.

• The wages of all French people as well as pensions and allowances must be indexed to inflation.

• Protect French industry: prohibit relocation. Protecting our industry is protecting our know-how and our jobs. (Nationalism!)

• End of detached work. It is abnormal that a person who works on French territory does not benefit from the same salary and the same rights. Anyone who is authorized to work on French territory must be on a par with a French citizen and his employer must contribute at the same level as a French employer. (Ambiguous. "Anyone who is authorized to work on French territory" means that some people are banned from working to live, and that they therefore have no rights.)

• For job security: further limit the number of fixed-term contracts for large companies. We want more CDI.

• End of the CICE. Use this money for the launch of a French hydrogen car industry (which is truly environmentally friendly, unlike the electric car.)

• End of the austerity policy. We are ceasing to repay the interest on the debt that is declared illegitimate and we are starting to repay the debt without taking the money from the poor and the poor, but by going after the $ 80 billion in tax evasion.

• That the causes of forced migration be addressed. (Ambiguous. Can be interpreted as an encouragement to war for regime changes abroad.)

• That asylum seekers are treated well. We owe them housing, security, food and education for the miners. Work with the UN to have host camps open in many countries around the world, pending the outcome of the asylum application. (Ambiguous: There is no question of opening new concentration camps, the conditions in the concentration camps are always bad, and the borders must be open to our migrant workers brothers.)

• That rejected asylum seekers be returned to their country of origin. (National-Socialism!)

• That a real integration policy is implemented. Living in France means becoming French (French language course, French history course and civic education course with certification at the end of the course). (Ambiguous. Can be interpreted as a way to expel migrants who have not had their certificate. "Civic education" is a euphemism for "Republican propaganda".)

• Maximum salary set at 15,000 euros.

• Jobs created for the unemployed. 

• Increase of disabled allowances.

• Limitation of rents. More moderate rent housing (especially for students and precarious workers). 

• Prohibition to sell the property belonging to France (dam, airport ...) (Nationalism!)

• Substantial means granted to the justice system, the police, the gendarmerie and the army. That law enforcement overtime be paid or recovered. (bourgeois statism, nationalism)

• All the money earned by highway tolls will be used for the maintenance of motorways and roads in France as well as road safety.

• Since the price of gas and electricity has increased since privatization, we want them to become public again and prices fall significantly.

• Do not closure of small lines, post offices, schools and maternity homes.

• Bring wellness to our seniors. Prohibition of making money on the elderly. The gray gold is finished. The era of gray well-being begins.

• Maximum 25 students per class from kindergarten to 12th grade.

• Substantial resources brought to psychiatry. (Fascism. Psychiatric hospitals are worse than prisons, with isolation cells, straitjackets, permanent sedation and electroshocks. Tens of thousands of people are reduced to laboratory animals, losing all their human rights because of their illusions. And psychiatrists get rich in a pornographic way on the human misery : between 500 and 1000€ per day and per patient, with no "therapeutic" result: only 5% "recovery" on average).

• The popular referendum must enter the Constitution. Creating a readable and effective site, supervised by an independent control body where people can make a proposal for a law. If this bill obtains 700,000 signatures then this bill will have to be discussed, completed and amended by the National Assembly, which will have the obligation (one year to the day after the 700,000 signatures have been obtained) to submit it. to the vote of all the French. 

• Return to a 7-year term for the President of the Republic. The election of deputies two years after the election of the President of the Republic allowed sending a positive or negative signal to the President of the Republic concerning his policy. It helped to make the voice of the people heard.) 

• Retirement at age 60 and for all those who have worked in a trade using the body (mason or boning for example) right to retire at 55 years.

• A 6-year-old child does not keep himself alone, continuation of the PAJEMPLOI help system until the child is 10 years old. 

• Promote the transport of goods by rail. 

• No tax collection at source. 

• End of presidential allowances for life.

• Prohibit merchants from paying a tax when their customers use the credit card. Tax on marine fuel oil and kerosene.

So, is it a heterogenous

So, is it a heterogenous social movement with elements of proletarian class demands or is it hopelessly petty-bourgeois and corrupted by nationalist politicians?

According to the state, the

According to the state, the movement is weakening. There was a little disorder in Paris, but nothing serious. The police are demanding a state of emergency. Maybe, there will be no state of emergency, and it will be a real humiliation for the Yellow Vests: not even state of emergency for their small movement!

November 17: 282,000 protesters

November 24: 106,000 protesters

December 1: 75,000 protesters.

If it goes on like this, we will not talk about it anymore at Christmas.

mikail firtinaci
the turkish left is euforic

the turkish left is euforic with the clash videos and fully in favor now. However, from what I could gather (I don't know any french so I am only reading the english news here and there) it seems like a petty bourgeoisie led nationalist movement. Would comrades agree? the left populist (pro-melanchon-corbyn types) endorsement of the "yellow vest" seems to me extremely dangerous. They wholly disregard the class character of the movement as it happened in Ukraine "Maidan" which eventually led to an ethnic civil war. I hope the ICC comrades can translates the french article soon. Once it is up on the site, I will translate it to Turkish but of course it is hard develop a genuine debate with the turkish leftists. 


I'm sure the ICC would appreciate a translation of the article into Turkish. The comrades have been intervening towards the workers about the movement, so there is now a leaflet too, it seems. This is because, I think, the issue hasn't yet disappeared (the spectacular violence mentioned by Mikail in the previous post has moved it up the media's agenda and the 'movement' has spread, according to this same media, to Belgium).

And what is this movement? Driven by the crisis and the attacks of the bourgeoisie, for sure. Containing some workers and supported by some of them? No doubt. But it's an inter-classist movement par excellence: small businesses and enterprises wanting 'fair treatment' by the state, identifying itself as a 'citizens' movement, not that of an exploited class.

The widely publicised violence in Paris this weekend has been a great opportunity for the French state to protect itself on many levels:(presenting 'mindless attacks' as the only true response to austerity; 'forgetting' the violence the state itself launched against the movement in the days prior to these events, etc etc). 

This may or may not be a "testing moment" for Macron, as the media insists. But it is certainly a trap for the working class...



Below, a Google (not a political) translation of the ICC leaflet


The extent of the mobilization of the "yellow vests" testifies to the immense anger that roars in the bowels of society, and especially within the working class, in the face of the austerity policy of the Macron government.

Faced with the attacks of the bourgeoisie ...

According to the official data of the bourgeoisie, the annual disposable income of households (that is to say, what remains after taxes and contributions) was cut by 440 euros on average between 2008 and 2016. But this is only a very small part of the attacks on the working class. The general rise in taxes of all kinds is compounded by the rise in unemployment, the spread of precarious jobs, including in the public service, and inflation, particularly concerning basic necessities and the unaffordable price of housing. Impoverishment is worsening inexorably and with it the fear for the future for our children. The most affected by this growing misery are the 'active workers', the precarious, the retired who can no longer make ends meet.

The media and the government have highlighted the destruction and acts of violence on the Champs-Élysées to make believe that any struggle against the cost of living and the degradation of the living conditions of the exploited can only lead to chaos and violence. Anarchy. The media, specialists atamalgam and at the orders of the bourgeoisie, want to present the "yellow vests" as "extremists" who also want to "break the cop", while the state is, in fact, the force of repression that, above everything else, assaults and provokes! In Paris, on November 24th, teargas grenades were incessant, as were the CRS charges on groups of men and women walking calmly on the Champs-Élysées.

... why can't the movement of "yellow vests" push back the government?

Despite the legitimate anger of many proletarians who can not "make ends meet", this movement, as such, has no perspective and cannot reverse the attacks of the government and the employers. Part of the working class has, in fact, engaged in towing [?? tail-ending??] small bosses and auto-entrepreneurs (truck drivers, taxis, paramedics) angry at the rising taxes and fuel prices, with completely ineffective methods of struggle, leading to deadlock (such as the petition launched by Priscillia Ludosky, the blockage and occupation of the roundabouts recommended by Éric Drouet). It is no coincidence that, among the eight spokespersons of the "yellow vests" designated on November 26, there is an overwhelming majority of small bosses or auto-entrepreneurs.

But, even worse, those who launched the movement have pulled workers behind the bourgeois ideology of nationalism and "citizenship". The poorest workers have been mobilized as "citizens" of the " people of France ", " the despised " and " the unheard " by " those from above " and not as members of the exploited class.

The movement of "yellow vests" is in this respect very clearly an interclassist movement in which is mixed all the classes and intermediate and exploited layers of society, which do not defend the same interests. There are, all lumped together, proletarians (workers, unemployed, precarious, retired) and petit bourgeois (artisans, liberal professions, small entrepreneurs, small traders, farmers asphyxiated by taxes). The poorest workers have mobilized against their growing misery, against poverty, incessant economic attacks, unemployment, job insecurity, while small bosses protest only against the increase in fuel and taxes. Focused on increasing taxes, the anger of the petty bourgeois is solely motivated by the fact that the government has left them out, Macron having favored the big bourgeoisie with, among other things, the abolition of the wealth tax. Many small bosses are not interested in raising wages, especially the SMIC! The small bosses use the anger of workers in yellow vests to put pressure on the government to win their case - to lower taxes that suffocate their particular company. This is why Marine Le Pen, while dramatically supporting the movement since the beginning, has clearly stated on TV that it was against the increase of the minimum wage so as not to penalize SMEs (small and medium businesses)!. She wants lower taxes that don't suffocate their businesses.

This "citizen's" revolt is a trap where most parties of the political apparatus of the bourgeoisie find themselves, of course, as "supporters". From Marine Le Pen to Olivier Besancenot, through Mélenchon and Laurent Wauquiez (and even Brigitte Bardot!), "everyone" is there to support this interclassist movement and its nationalist poison. The workers must refuse the sacred union of all political cliques "anti Macron"; these bourgeois parties manipulate the anger of the "yellow vests" to grab the maximum of votes in the elections and defend the national capital by calling the proletarians to rally behind the tricolor flag of their exploiters! If all these parties use the "yellow vests" to weaken Macron, it is because they know perfectly well that this movement does nothing to strengthen the struggle of the proletariat against its exploitation and oppression.

To fight effectively, proletarians must first assert themselves as an autonomous class!

In this so-called "apolitical" and "non-union" movement, the methods of struggle of the working class are totally absent. There is no call to strike or its extension in all sectors  ! No call for sovereign general meetings in companies so that workers can discuss and reflect together on actions to be taken to develop and unify the fight against the degradation of their living conditions, discuss and think about unitary slogans and in the future ! Yet only these methods of struggle of the working class can slow down attacks and roll back government and management!

The struggle of the workers is not the struggle of "all the poor" against the "rich". It is the struggle of an exploited class , which lives off the sale of its labor force, against the bourgeois class which realizes its profits by exploiting the labor power of the proletarians. It is this exploitation that is at the origin of the growing impoverishment of the working class!

The working class must defend its living conditions on its own ground, as an autonomous class , independent of other classes and social strata like the petty bourgeoisie. When the working class asserts itself as an autonomous class by developing a massive struggle, it will draw behind it an increasingly wider part of society, behind its own methods of struggle, its own unitary slogans and, ultimately, its own revolutionary project of transformation of society.

In 1980, in Poland, a huge mass movement started from the shipyards of Gdansk following the increase in the prices of staples. To confront the government and push it back, the workers had regrouped and massively organized themselves as a class against the "red" bourgeoisie and its Stalinist state. The other layers of the population had largely joined this massive struggle of the exploited class.

When the proletariat develops its struggle as an independent class, it is the massive, sovereign and open general assemblies open to " everyone " that are at the heart of the movement. There is no place for nationalism. In contrast, the hearts vibrate for international solidarity because " the workers have no fatherland " as stated in the labor movement from its origins in the XIX th century. The workers must therefore refuse to sing the Marseillaise and wave the tricolor flag, the flag of Versailles who murdered 30,000 proletarians during the Paris Commune in 1871!

Faced with the sabotage of the unions ...

Today, the proletarians want to express their deep anger, but they do not know how to fight effectively to defend their living conditions against the growing attacks of the bourgeoisie and its government. Many retired workers have forgotten their own struggling experiences, their ability to unite and organize without waiting for union instructions, as they did in May 1968. Young workers have not yet enough experience of the class struggle and still have difficulties in overcoming the pitfalls of defenders of the capitalist system.

Many workers in "yellow vests" reproach the unions for their "inertia", they reproach them for not "doing their job". This is why the CGT, to compete with the "yellow jackets", is trying to catch the wind by calling for a new "day of action" for the 1 st  December, the same day as the third gathering of the "vests yellow "on the Champs-Élysées. Faced with mistrust of the unions, which is beginning to resurface in the working class, we can be sure that the CGT, and the other unions, will still "do their job" (with the complicity of the Trotskyists of the NPA and "Lutte Ouvrière" ): frame, scatter, divide, sabotage and exhaust the workers' combativity to prevent any spontaneous and unitary movement of proletarians on their class terrain.

Let us not forget all the union maneuvers of sabotage struggles, as we have seen with the long "bumpy strike" at the SNCF led by the unions. Let us not forget their multiple "days of action" sterile and their demonstrations ballads in the dispersion and division, as the flat mobilization against the government's policy of October 9, followed, the following week, by the pensioners and, three days later, by the strike in the National Education.

The deep discontent of many workers towards the unions was recovered by those who launched the "yellow vests" movement, with the active support of all the bourgeois political parties. The message that all the "hypocrites" supporters of workers in "yellow waistcoat" want to pass is that the methods of struggle of the working class (strike, massive demonstrations, sovereign general meetings with elected delegates and revocable at any time , strike committees ...) lead to nothing. We should now trust the little bosses to find other methods of struggle supposedly radical and bring together " everyone ", all " citizens ", all the " people of France " against the " dictator " and "President of the rich, "Macron.

... the proletarians must rely only on themselves!

The working class must not delegate and entrust its struggle either to reactionary social strata, to the parties that claim to support it, or to the unions that are its false friends. All this pretty world, each with its creed, occupies and squares the social terrain to prevent the workers from mobilizing massively, to develop an autonomous struggle, united and united against the attacks of the bourgeoisie, behind slogans common to all : against the "expensive life", against unemployment and precariousness, against the increase of rates, against the decline of wages and pensions, etc.

In order to be able to develop its struggle, to build a balance of power capable of curbing the attacks of the bourgeoisie and pushing it back, the working class must rely only on itself. It must regain its class identity and not dissolve into the " French people ". It must regain confidence in its own forces, engaging the struggle, on its own ground, beyond all divisions corporatist, sectoral and national.

To prepare for future struggles, all militant workers who are aware of the need for proletarian struggle must try to come together to discuss together, learn from the latest social movements, and reflect on the history of the labor movement. They must not leave the field free for the unions nor let themselves fall asleep by the siren songs of the " citizen ", " popular " (and populist!) And interclassist mobilisations of the petty bourgeoisie!

Despite all the difficulties of the proletariat, the future still belongs to its class struggle!

International Revolution, International Communist Current Section in France

November 29, 2018


Comparisons of the yellow

Comparisons of the yellow vests to a jacquerie are rife, so here is historial materialist text (in German) on the so-called "croquant rebellions":

Socialism in 17th and 18th century France, (1895) by Hugo Lindemann:


It's true, as the media have noted, that there are fascist groups active in the yellow vests and apparently also copy-cat attempts by fascists in Germany (and in Belgium). It is true that extreme-rightwing (not to say fascist) pundits like Zemmour or the conservative Finkielkraut are expressing their support for this movement (of the forgotten ordinary French people of the provinces).

But on the other hand, (as a former ICC-member wrote n his blog) back in 1905 the petition to the Tsar was led by the priest (and Okhrana subsidized) Father Gapon, so at first the 1905 revolution had no official involvement of the social-democratic party. This type of "optimist" reasoning among the left is common, so it may be considered opportunist or dillusional (and I'd say the ICC stance on the "Arab spring", or even on the French student protests in 2006, was marked by such "optimism", so its application of standards is a bit inconsistent). As for councils (or GAs) and specific working class demands, well councils can be just talking shops controlled by the left of capital, and working class demands should not be limited to economic wage-demands.

The situation of rising cost of living was the driving force of mass action in Western Europe pre-WWI (this background of the rising cost of living is often forgotten I think when we read the Luxemburg/Pannekoek/Kautsky debate):

An increase of the general cost of living is the most basic reason for protests/revolutions (including February 1917). Individual strikes cannot really help against such general inflation which is a distinguishing feature of the decadent phase of capitalism.

New list of claims found on

New list of claims found on Facebook. Among the few workers' demands, they are mostly petty-bourgeois claims, or even far-right ones:

  • lower taxes and social contributions,
  • small business grants,
  • national preference for French products,
  • deportation of the migrants who steal French jobs.

There are also claims like:

  • creation of a constituent assembly, as during the French Revolution (or during the Russian Revolution, but the bolcheviks have dissolved this constituent assembly :)
  • increased taxes for large corporations,
  • lower wages for elected officials,
  • count the white vote and the abstentions,
  • more referendums.

For the moment, there is not much proletarian claims in this movement, although it is not excluded that the proletariat wakes up a little later and puts forward its own methods and its own objectives.

But for the moment, I do not see much of that side. We swim in full Poujadism.

mikail firtinaci
The ICC leaflet has been

The ICC leaflet has been translated to turkish from french by "Yeryuzu Postasi" ("Earth Post" - an internationalist anarchist communist group). Here is the link:


Yellow Vests have found a sponsor!

Yellow Vests have found a sponsor!

In a video posted on Facebook live, Fly Rider, one of the 8 leaders of the movement, announced that he had been summoned by a big capitalist in Nice, in a villa secured by surveillance cameras and many bodyguards.

This capitalist has exposed to him a whole plan to change regime, a true 6th republic, and promised him unlimited support if Fly Rider structured the movement according to his orders.

Fly Rider enthusiastically accepted and signed a confidentiality agreement to keep the patron's identity secret.

He called for the election of 13 regional representatives, and immediately a dozen Facebook groups came out of the ground to find candidates, each gathering thousands of voters and led by a centralized team of 7 people: André Lannee, Nathalie Martin -Simon, Yolande Lannee, Julien Bear Hill, Li Loune, Duke Duke and Jordan Sahraoui.

One viewer pointed out that there was probably a contradiction between "transparency" and "secrecy", and that it might not be a good idea to announce the overthrow of the 5th Republic on Facebook live. Fly Rider replied that there was no contradiction, and that with regard to the risks, he assumed them.

Another spectator asked for more details about the identity of the secret sponsors, but Fly Rider responded that this information will be revealed later, when everything will be ready. All he could say was that this sponsor is a powerful man, with very great means.

In summary, Fly Rider and his team are "structuring" the movement on behalf of a "powerful man" on the Côte d'Azur, whose identity is secret, and which prepares the overthrow of the 5th republic . Fly Rider invites you to the electronic elections on Facebook to elect 13 regional representatives who will implement the plan secretly concocted in Nice on a whiteboard.

It sounds crazy, a real pantalonnade? So watch the video of Fly Rider to see if I'm not lying.

Yellow Vests, to the polls!

The video (in french):

Fly Rider était en direct avec Eric Drouet dans Fly Rider infos blocage.

Tagore2 wrote:

Tagore2 wrote:

New list of claims found on Facebook. Among the few workers' demands, they are mostly petty-bourgeois claims, or even far-right ones:

  • lower taxes and social contributions,
  • small business grants,
  • national preference for French products,
  • deportation of the migrants who steal French jobs.

There are also claims like:

  • creation of a constituent assembly, as during the French Revolution (or during the Russian Revolution, but the bolcheviks have dissolved this constituent assembly :)
  • increased taxes for large corporations,
  • lower wages for elected officials,
  • count the white vote and the abstentions,
  • more referendums.

For the moment, there is not much proletarian claims in this movement, although it is not excluded that the proletariat wakes up a little later and puts forward its own methods and its own objectives.

But for the moment, I do not see much of that side. We swim in full Poujadism.


Which ones are the "far right" demands and why are we contrasting those with "class demands"?

The idea for the "yellow

The idea for the "yellow vests" to elect their "spokespersons" for each of the 13 regions of France (that is proposed by Maxime Nicolle - AKA Fly Rider - in the above video, dated 30 November) seems to be opposed by Priscilla Ludosky and those who favour a grassroots appreach (popular assemblies). What I could understand from the video is that these spokespersons would have no decision power. Further proposed is a ban of contact with media and government. And to stay pacifist. Nothing really controversial I think.

There is no longer a mere list of demands petitioning Macron, but like Targore2 says, a program for the overthrow of the 5th republic. This includes ban on plural-jobs for parliamentaries (this is an idea opposed by a reactionary like Zemmour), and other such proposals in favour of "participatory democracy" (like in the Paris Commune). So pretty radical (no longer just focusing on the person of Macron), but still democratic. This is merely some of the known demands of the yellow vests, it is not what the mystery person dictated. Maybge I misheard it, or dreamed it, but there is a demand also of a parliamentary elections to a 2-year period (this was also a classic social-democratic demand, in the Erfurt program btw).

So as to this mystery person in Nice, a "humanitarian" (not a figure known in the media, no party affiliation), well, I don't know why he even matters. It is said that he has "means of power", but it's not clear if it is money/sponsor like Targore2 say. There is implication of damaging information on Macron (perhaps something of the kind of thing done by wikileaks?) or other info that on release would have devastating military-geo-political effects. The message is that to the yellow vests is that they can be sure to topple Macron and inaugurate profound change in society (lasting decades). However, it seems that Maxime Nicolle already some days later abandoned this mystery person, so perhaps he was just easily fooled by some story-teller.

That's it: we're finally

That's it: we're finally starting to have general meetings. It's not too early. I was getting tired of these ridiculous blockages of roundabouts.

La carte des Assemblées Générales contre la hausse des frais d’inscription