Fightback against the cuts

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Fightback against the cuts
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This has obviously been a hot topic in a lot of the leftist and liberal circles lately. Kind of hard to explain really, but I find it hard to have much enthusiasm at the prospect of the 'fightback'. For the most part it looks set to be leftists and trade unionist patting themselves on the back.

What do people think should be the response of the Communist Left to these upcoming struggles?

Support. Regardless of the

Support. Regardless of the leadership (labor unions, left parties) or those agitating with the most activism (far left of capital; Maoists, Trots, insurrectionist anarchists, etc), this is the proletariat engaging in combat on its class terrain.

On a practical level, there should be direct support for these struggles in the form of educational work online and in the press, propaganda via leaflets, newsletters, pamphlets, and old fashioned engagement in conversation with those present. Support for the formation of extra-union workplace/struggle committee's, mass/general assemblies,  etc. The recent article on the return of worker discussion circles in the ICC press is also important; I think the example of the TEKEL strikes in Turkey last Winter and the formation of the 'Platform of Struggling Workers' is a good base model, as are examples like Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol), Manchester Class Struggle Forum, etc. Each of these groups are a little different, but they encompass several different aspects of organizational forms- militant workers network, pro-revolutionary propaganda network, discussion group, 'flying picket' style support network for local worker struggles, etc.

I think the above combination militant worker discussion & action group organizational form is well suited for the tasks of the present day Communist Left as it grows, along with the increasing size and frequency and intensity of working class struggles around the world.

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Genuine struggles?

Agree that we should become involved in all class struggles of the proletariat and participate in the struggle using the various methods outlined by devoaration 1.  With one proviso that the struggles and organisations are genuine working class struggles where all workers are participating and are not simple made up of union activists who will attempt to keep the struggles local or sectional ie saving one hospital, school or services in one locality rather than class wide.  I suspect the struggles that will be set up will be managed and controlled by the left of capital and will not attempt to widen the struggle to include all workers armed with the clear need to overthrow capitalist social relations.  In this case then I think all that can be achieved is to agitate wherever we can and aim to attract the younger workers into left communst ideas and practice.

Well apparently firefighters

Well apparently firefighters staged an 8-hour strike today, kept it nice and local to every fire station with a mass gathering of what seems to be mostly leftist activists and  trade unionists in central london and edinburgh etc. That's what capital wants, everything to be neatly carved up and ineffective.

I tried to have a talk with some of the firefighters but it was a little too cold to hang around and my time is limited by circumstance, still I think they appreciated the support and basically agreed that the unions arent much use to them and that they use it only as a sort of rallying front. Plus that they wish they could have brung more people together, of course that is illegal under anti-mass picketing laws.

The mood seems to be a little more wary at the moment, I'm not sure if my approach of just going up and speaking is perhaps always the right one although it usually goes okay, but I think that people's minds are made up with practical talk of doing/what works rather than just offering support, I have been asked (by tube workers) if I was a media type who was trying to get some info out of them recently, just for saying "hello, how's the strike going, hope you win your demands"!