Login using your Google or Yahoo id

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Login using your Google or Yahoo id
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Experimentally, we have just switched on another possibility for you to use the forum without having to remember another id.

Here is how it works:

  1. If you are already registered on the forum and want to use your Google or Yahoo id, then first of all login and go to "My account". There you will see a tab called "Open ID identities". Click on this and then click on the OpenId provider you want to use (Google and Yahoo are the most common but there are others). Then follow the instructions. After that, you will be able to login using your Google or Yahoo (or other) id and password instead of the site password.
  2. If you are not yet registered, then click the ID provider icon under the login field: you will be asked to allow the connection to this website, and to login if you are not logged in already. Then you will need to provide your mail address and a user name as usual. You will be sent a confirmation email (this is to discourage spammers). Once you have answered this, then you will be able to login using your Google or Yahoo (or other) id.O
  3. Once you have registered, then to login using your mail if just click on the appropriate provider icon to go through the login process.

Note: this is rather experimental. There does seem to be an issue once you have logged out of your mail address, this is not properly taken into account on the forum. You can fix this by emptying the cache on your browser.