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New look forum - and a question
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Comrades will hopefully have noticed that the look of the forum has changed slightly. Hopefully this will make it easier to use and read by adding some handy buttons (go to top of page for example, and go to the first unread or last post), and a quick means of checking out what's new and active.

In particular, there is a semi-solution (unfortunately a full solution will have to wait till a major upgrade so don't hold your breath) to the irritating bug concerning long threads that go over two pages. You may have noticed that if you click on a new comment link on the "Luxemburg economics" thread you get sent to the FIRST page of the thread, not the page where the actual comment is. Now, if you look at the list of threads you will see that there is a link direct to each page of the thread, which will hopefully make it easier to navigate. Not a complete solution, but better.

This also prompts a question: up to now we have been running a single forum rather than splitting it into several forums by subject (eg "Economics and history", "Organisation", etc). We took this approach because there is nothing more disheartening (on a forum) than being faced with a series of forums on subjects where nobody has posted. But given the moderately extensive use of this one, perhaps this would be the moment to split the forum up by subject. What do the regular posters (or readers) here think? And what different subjects do you think would be appropriate? Comments would be welcome.

I don't like the new look,

I don't like the new look, but will probably adjust. Would it be possible for there to be a separate search function just for the forum?

Marin Jensen
Probably not...

Well, I think I will need to adjust a bit too (we're lucky to have escaped a "red white and blue" look which was the default...). If the reaction is overwhelmingly negative we can probably just switch the new look off again. I think the main thing is the new toolset though.

As for the separate search, again as far as I know that isn't possible at the moment, and will probably have to wait for that major upgrade...

I missed the part about

I missed the part about splitting the forum into different subjects, I think that is a really good idea. There are some good discussions but because they are so far back now they might not get looked at. If these discussions were in a sub forum they might be more accessible and inviting. I'm not sure about titles because discussions can lead into all areas but perhaps a sub forum specifically on the ICC would be a good idea? One on History? 'Theory' might be too broad?

Red Hughs
I like the new look. I was

I like the new look. I was going to say that some kind of redesign was needed and here it is.

I would suggest still the red gradient border should go but the forum is much improve at first glance. You don't need to take the "red" part quite so literally...

The most serious problem I still have is that spell check doesn't work on the edit box. I'm lazy and a terrible but I find the lack of spell check to be a serious annoyance (and I know I can switch to non-rich text but the results are ugly there too).



New look

Shocked but recovering. I don't like subjects: too schooly, too potentially academic. Compartmentalisation is not the way forward for the class struggle nor for the forum. But if you put "pure economics" in a separate category I dont mind. (lol). What most people post (the few that do) relate what they say, if only a little, to an ICC article. Who decides under what subject heading a particular article would go. Articles from Internationalism, covering many areas as they do, would have to appear under a number of subject headings. What does radical chains mean when he says "a sub-forum on the ICC would be good?" There's already a box at the top labelled. "theory and practice" and another "what is the ICC?". You could have others called "history" "class struggle" "recent strikes" "women" "gays" and so on. But this is to chop things up bourgeois style, where nothing coheres. The bourgeois don't want things to cohere; it's tbreatening. A good ICC article will cover struggle, strikes, history, theory, lessons to be drawn, advice to the proletariat etc. all in one, and that's how it should be for us who always strive for unity of thought and action.

I'm talking about a sub

I'm talking about a sub heading in the forum on the ICC Fred. So anyone could disucss the practice, organisation, particular theory or platform of the ICC. Of course it doesn't take a sub heading in the forum to do this but it might be more coherent to have similar threads in one place and visible. Unlike the interesting threads back on page 5,6 and 7 in the current forum.

I'm not sure about dividing

I'm not sure about dividing the board into sub-forums either. But I'm really digging the new design. Looks fantastic! :)

Site glitches and problems

What has happened to the forums/site?


There seems to be a massive glitch; the English home page is not available, there is no front page for the discussion forum, there is no way to post a new topic, and the search function seems to have disappeard. I've been looking for articles about the Indignados, it would after all have been faster to go and physically find the last two years' copies of International Review and search them that way. is coming up with a 'page not found' message.


Clicking on the 'Discussion Forum' button leads to a page - - displaying the following message -



New posts No new posts  Hot topic with new posts   Hot topic without new posts   Sticky topic   Locked topic   - where nothing can be clicked except a 'Home' link, back to to the 'page not found' message.     The only way I can accesss the forums is via the 'Participation' bar to the right. No way of accessing a directory of topics, no 'post new topic' button.     The line-spacing function seems to be playing up as well. Randomly working or not working at the end of paragraphs.     Site problem? Or browser problem? Only me suffering this? Or no-one else able to post about it?


you are not alone

Thanks for sending this. I also found the same problems this morning and have contacted the webmasters. hope it can be fixed soon. 

Should be fixed

should,as I say, be fixed.

Seems OK now

It seems to be fine now - good to know that the boffins are on the case.

More problems with site

I could access this post from the 'Participation' bar on the right. By clicking on "Seems OK now" I was taken to my post above.


However, I've come here because clicking on D-man's post "Sandwiches are not money" takes me to Link's opening post on the Luxemburg thread. Really don't understand that.

new look

The new look looks fine to me now I've got used to it but I don't want to receive e-mails saying someone has posted on the forum - I just look at the forum. Too much information.

please stop sending me e-mails

Please stop sending me e-mails about posts on the discussion forum. I don't want them, they are unwanted, they are an irritation and a nuisance to be added to the other junk that I don't want to receive.

Marin Jensen
You can do this yourself...

You might have noticed that you have the choice, every time you make a post, to receive e-mail notifications either for responses to your specific post or to the post as a whole. This is "on" by default, I don't know whether it would be possible to set it to "off" as default.

If you click on "my account" at the top right of the forum page you can get to "manage my subscriptions", then "edit", and this will take you to a place where you can modify your password and a whole load of other stuff, including your notifications.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Lone, I'll investigate

Thanks Lone, I'll send out a search party.

the new look is very good,

the new look is very good, it's modified from the old look just enough that i can handle it without short-circuiting.

and i like getting notifications.