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A guided tour...
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Some of our readers have complained that the site was difficult to find your way around, so we've tried to do something about it with a guided tour in video. You can find it top left of the front page - hope you like it!


 Clear and simple - with humour, even. Nicely done. One initial thought: the only way I found to exit the tour was to hit the back button: you may want to consider a 'back home' button.

Was good, noticed a couple of

Was good, noticed a couple of things I wasn't aware of also liked the humour! Same issue as KT with exiting. Though I deleted everything in the address bar apart from the main website address to get back to the homepage. 

p.s where has the recently uploaded 'bar' gone from the homepage, didn't it used to be on the left?

And the theory and practice groupings are excellent, sometimes it is difficult to find information by using the search. Perhaps there could be groupings of articles on specific regions or continents? I think in the past I have found it difficult to find writing on Iran and Chile. Though perhaps some countries are simply not covered as much as others.

Recently Uploaded

I thought that the Recently Uploaded bar had gone because it disappeared if some time has passed since the most recent upload, and because there haven't been uploads since the article on OWS.  Has it actually been removed?

Thanks for the feedback

 It's much appreciated. In answer to some of the comments:

1) Not sure what is meant by the "Recently uploaded" bar you're talking about. There are two "recent" things on the front page: the "Other news on the site", which does indeed disappear if nothing has been published in the last three weeks, and the "Recent and ongoing" which displays subjects we have published on in the last 60 days (if memory serves). They are both present at time of writing.

2) Take your point about not getting back to the home page - I'll get that fixed.

3) Thanks for the comments about the "Theory and practice" groupings, we are in fact thinking about something along the same lines and we'll take that into account.


I thought there was a recently added to the site bit on the left of the homepage?