A proper daily worker's paper?

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A proper daily worker's paper?
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Is this an impossibility until we reach a higher level class struggle?

I don't see any reason not to have one at times of relatively little class struggle either, but I do feel that a joint publication (of some description) would best serve everyone's interests (on that note, how is the joint publication with other anarchist groups going, I have not kept updated on that).

Perhaps it has been tried before and was buried by union rags, but are there any examples of a lasting daily worker's paper that continued even when class struggle was ebbing?

 Not since the revolutionary

 There can be few exceptions to the fact that a daily workers' paper has been far beyond the capacities of any proletarian political organisation since the revolutionary wave that began in 1917 and was over by 1927. It would be far beyond the possibilities of today's communist left groups, even if they did work together. And cooperation with the revolutionary anarchists is only taking its first faltering steps.

Still, we certainly welcome your concern for unity!