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Gorter Texts
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Speaking to people at the London Bookfair including an ICC member and it was suggested someone maybe able to help on these texts I'm looking for.

His 1880's text on revisionism in Social Democracy in English and also his poem 'pan' in either English or Dutch.







Hello Theft, welcome. 

I would like to help but I am not aware that we have those texts. Where did you hear that they existed in English (they are not listed in the bibliography the book on the Dutch left, which mentions other texts by Gorter in English)? However, I will ask around.... 

Hi Alf, Sorry maybe I wasn't

Hi Alf,

Sorry maybe I wasn't very clear, I was more asking if anyone knew if they had been translated into English. Someone asked me about the first text I guess based on the fact that my site has a number of his texts and the second was just me wondering and I never thought to look in the ICC book.


Re :Gorter in transalation

Hi Theft,

A few months ago another crde made similar enquiries and we exchanged Pms: I replicate my reply below: hope it helps the search (the closest I have got so far)

It seems to me, from first researches, that one of the reasons his epic work 'Pan' (after his committment to the Revolutionary wave (circa 1900 -1920) has only had snippets translated is because you would need a Dylan Thomas fluent in Dutch to translate it. He made his own language from his own language - as it were ...

Oh God! The side I’m standing on is wrong. 

I’m going under.

My love has come to nought

he writes as he realises the truth of the class struggle:


In the epically long 'Pan' :

Choked in the gases, slaughtered by

Bullets, torn asunder by mines
The Workers lay strewn on the earth.
Sacrificed by their rulers and omnipotent
Capital, to bring them Possession
Of the Earth the Workers lay
Dead and dismembered all across the Earth
The earth was full in the glorious light of May
And the glittering sea was full of their floating
Corpses, millions and millions,
Such as the world had never seen . . .

the ending goes thus :

With my heart’s blood I’ve lived for you,
Dear poetry, and, now death comes closer by,
Now I want to tell you one last time.
From childhood on I felt you, poetry,
I can remember nothing of which you weren’t
Part. The reflection of my thoughts,
That I sensed in all things, was you.
The sweet murmur of the sea, my Mother’s voice,
The gait of my comrades, the light
Of the world. People walking. The night.
They all mattered only for your sake. –
It was for your sake too that I loved. –
Love itself meant nothing but for your sake.
The body’s deepest joy meant nothing to me.
Women’s dark womb meant nothing to me. 
The oblivious self-giving meant nothing,
Except that I found deep in their womb,
Deep in the infinite obscurity
Nothing but you – you, you, dear poetry.

The above comes from 


And should you meet a Dutch comrade down at 'The Hammer and Sickle' who's got time to translate, the Dutch text is here:



Thank you A.Simpleton for the

Thank you A.Simpleton for the links, I do happen to know someone who speaks Dutch so I may ask them, they told me there Dad was a "communist" so he maybe up for doing it.