The fight against unemployment in Africa

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The fight against unemployment in Africa
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ICC is a political organization. But does it make the link between the economic fight and the political fight?

Many Africans are unemployed, and seek to emigrate to Europe or North America for this reason. Helping these Africans find a well-paid job through an organization they would mount themselves would be a great way to find supporters and eventually build a communist organization in Africa.

It's not difficult: I can go to Africa and find the unemployed. In Europe or the United States, you are looking for teleworking. We make the connection. At the same time, we are building a workers' organization, and we encourage the most conscientious workers to found a political organization, associated or even integrated with the ICC.

What do you think?

The job of a communist

The job of a communist organization is not to act as a social relief agency--it is to develop revolutionary theory and pass on the lessons of past fights to the newer generations. Are we rising to these tasks today? Maybe not, but that doesn't change the tasks.