Trump shoots 59 missiles on an empty air base in Syria

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Trump shoots 59 missiles on an empty air base in Syria
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According to the Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis, Trump "the intelligent" warned Russians of the strike in advance. Consequently, the Russians warned the Syrians, who evacuated planes and personnel in emergency. Race results: 6 dead for 59 missiles, which is very little.

A Tomahawk missile costs $ 935,844.87, an operation to at least 55 million, not including logistics. Nearly $ 10 million per death, one of the most profitable military operations in the history. In fact, the cost of the missiles probably surpasses the cost of the base.

I guess it's a one-off hit for propaganda. If that is a real military operation, the American staff is incredibly stupid and inefficient. The Russians and the Syrians must laugh under their cloaks.

"every precaution was taken to execute this strike with minimal risk to personnel at the airfield." sic.

One commentator this morning

One commentator this morning called this action an "amazing act of political theater." That seems plausible. Many of the media talking heads who have been slamming Trump over his Russian "ties" for months were forced into silence last night and today, with many begrudingly giving him credit for his decisive actions. Of course, that won't last. One has to wonder though about the entire timing of these events. Only earlier this week the Trump administration stated that the world was just going to have to accept that Assad would stay in power; a few days later there is a chemical attack quickly attributed to Assad--flown from an airbase where Russian personnel are present-- the US calls out the UN for inaction and then a retaliatory strike within two days time that the Russians and Syrian government forces seemed to know was coming well in advance. Curious.....

They must not know what they

They must not know what they do neither.

Ridiculous! Syrian planes


Syrian planes take off from the military base allegedly wiped out by US missile strikes. According to Russians, less than 50% of the missiles would have reached their target, while the US Secretary of State claims that the United States deliberately spared the runways. To miss a runway! Is this what they call a "precision strike"?

On the destruction, the relations are contraductory. The Americans talk about 20 aircraft destroyed, while the Russians talk about 6 aircraft, which could not be evacuated because they were in repair. It would be interesting to assess the cost of actual destruction compared to the cost of missiles.

At present, the United States is more like a hunter who uses gold pellets and who misses his target once in two.


jk1921 wrote:

One has to wonder though about the entire timing of these events.

including Xi's presence in the US. a picture in the NYT from the evening before is a study in body language.

among other "wins" from this action, i'm sure trump thinks he's turned the tables.