Libyan coastguards: refugees killers?

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Libyan coastguards: refugees killers?
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I seek clarification on this information:


"Attack Friday of a canoe by men aboard a boat of Libyan Coast Guard increases the doubts about the EU strategy to build on them.


On the night of Thursday to Friday, the Sea-Watch rescuers handing out life jackets to the 150 passengers of a dinghy, saw involve men in a boat of the Libyan coast guard.

Striking migrants with batons, these men sought to take the motor boat. But they have caused panic and most migrants fall into the water. Only 120 were rescued.

A priori, "men in a boat of the Libyan coast guard" are coastguards, as "men in police care" are police officers.

If this information is true, it's serious. Who pays Libyan coast guards to kill refugees at sea?

Do you have other sources that relate the testimony of the Sea-Watch rescuers?