No income above 120%

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No income above 120%
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No income should increase above 120% of the international average income (in 2016: 100% = ~17,000 PPP (current international $) per year, all inclusive).

All income above 120% of the international average income must be reduced.

The main ways to achieve these results are:

_ struggle for higher wages in cities or countries where the pay is too low.

_ Systematic migration in cities or countries where wages are higher.

_ Abolition of all privileges, particularly national, corporate, seniority and graduation. Equal work, equal pay.

_ Abolition of diplomas and numerus closus. All qualifications must be standardized with international examinations, corresponding to determined jobs. International examinations are open to all. Education and examination strictly separated.

_ A part of wage must be payed in education and examination checks. Same checks for all.

_ The cost of professional reconversion should be low, as low as possible, including in the high qualification positions.

_ Registration of all workers in a single international database with their qualifications, experience and income. If the unemployment rate is important in an industry, reducing the statutory working time until the unemployment rate reaches 120% of the average unemployment rate. Database is open.