Calais: proletarians destroy homes of refugees for money

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Calais: proletarians destroy homes of refugees for money
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Proletarians destroyed refugee homes and a church and a mosque, displacing 700 people over a width of 100 meters in the "jungle" of Calais. The order was given by the prefecture, and of course the workers were paid.

What about the proletarians who act against the refugees by order of the state, for money?

I'll tell you that.

The workers are forbidden to persecute refugees, even by order of the state or for money. They must openly refuse to destroy the homes of refugees, or sabotage their own machines and pretext that “someone” has destroyed their machine, or that there was an inexplicable “failure”.

Let me tell you that at the revolution, these proletarians will be found and will be treated as traitors. No mercy will be granted to these "proletarians" sold to the bourgeoisie. If they do not find a way to redeem themselves before the revolution, it is likely they will experience the joys they have inflicted to the refugees, and they will not have the opportunity to escape.

Proletarians who act again the proletariat class will be treated as bourgeois, that is to say very really badly.

I suppose I feel that these

I suppose I feel that these hooligan "proletarians" bulldozing the homes of vulnerable immigrants, should, ideally, be treated as really untrustworthy etc., rather than as vermin.

I'm not saying that anyone should forgive such callous violence but that, ideally, it becomes more irrelevant than it may seem now.

Proletarians fight in wars, etc.. 

EITED TO AD I'm not arguing for a peacenik thing, and your anger is justified. but the working class will have enough enemies without taking up old ones. IMHO

i just mean that while I

i just mean that while I don't have an issue with revoluationary terror in some senses, I think that it would be absurd and wrong for a worker's state to use violence against its people, and that IMHO that includes the reactionary forces that are not directly opposing it