France: a pogrom "framed by" the police?

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France: a pogrom "framed by" the police?
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Ajaccio (AFP) - Muslim prayer room ransacked, burned Korans in part, xenophobic slogans: several hundred people took to Friday in the evening a popular city of Ajaccio where two firefighters and one police officer were injured last night in clashes.

Outside a kebab restaurant located near the city was also damaged in these incidents ended around 9:00 p.m., in the evening of a Christmas under very close surveillance throughout France after the bloody attacks of November 13 to Paris.


Among them, some have decided to go to the "gardens of the Emperor", the city located on the heights of the city where the clashes took place. In total about 600 people, said Mr. Lalanne AFP, gathered in this city, who knows, in the sub-prefect "for several years however, repeated incidents of modest size (stone throwing, departures voluntary fire mainly). "

Some chanting "Arabi Fora (the Arabs out)!" or "We're home!", according to an AFP correspondent, they have, in a tense atmosphere and framed by the police deployed to try to keep calm, trying to identify and find the perpetrators of the aggression the day before, in the city, where all the inhabitants remained cloistered at home, and where glass doors, mailboxes and car windows were damaged.


Une salle de prière musulmane saccagée à Ajaccio dans une expédition punitive

The journalist reported no arrests among the rioters, apparently the police were just there to observe the jerk of the mosque.

thanks Tagore2

Thanks for your information  Tagore2. It sounds like Corsica had a really happy Xmas. After all, there's nothing like a jolly Xmas pogrom for assisting the digestive juices. 

The current Archbishop of Canterbury will also be interested in this event, described above.  His Christmas musings seem generally to have been anti-Muslim too.   (How dare I suggest such an unchristian sentiment?!) But in his whining on about how there are hardly any Christians left in the Middle East and how that geographic area and the Holy Land itself - the very home of Christianity he reminded us courtesy of tv - (but also of course, more originally, the  home of the Jewish faith) - are now almost denuded of Christian folk, and  this is really down to the activities of IS - at least, that's what  the ghoulish Arch puts it down to - which all  sounded almost like an appeal for somebody - some body of armed men-  to restore the rights of Christianity in the Middle East by force if necessary and as soon as possible.  

Does he long  for a replay of the Crusades?  IS will be delighted. 

But the meantime, just in case, keep reading your bibles all you Christians out there, your Queen, prime minister and country, demand no less!  And maybe it'll ease the floods.   You never know. 

(But it ain't necessarily so.  The things that you're liable to read in the bible, it ain't necessarily so!) 


few violence

The word "pogrom" is certainly exaggerated ...

My feeling is this:

_ He reigns in France a holy horror of violence ... The French society is not very violent, compared to some others. Violence is fairly localized in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, streets (for the homeless) ... Therefore, a relatively insignificant event like the terrorist attacks in November can raise a great emotion.

_ On the other hand, there is such a malaise, such anguish among some French that they seek to trigger violence, and they support the war. There are not a lot of violence, people are afraid of violence, and some people want to engage in violence or support the war abroad for "protect" themselves.

I think it is because the French are not very prepared to violence, "they are in their bubble", so the state can easily impress them with terrorism, and ultimately they desire trigger pogroms and support the war.

By fear.

the bubble, the fear and the French

It's odd that you've suddenly started talking about "the French" Tagore2 as if the French are all one class of people, all thinking the same way, and all fearing the same thing, as if there's no difference at all between what the ruling class think and fear and what those they exploit think and fear. 

And when you talk about French society... do you not see French society as being a bourgeois capitalist society French style? And surely you are mistaken to see the bourgeoisie as having a fear of violence, even the French bourgeoisie.  Isn't it a fact that the bourgeoisie  world wide is the most violent, inhuman class of exploiters history ever produced? The only thing they fear, apart from better armed competitors, is the consciousness of the working class, because this alone is what can bring their rule, and the rule of all terrorism and fear to an end.  

The idea that the French bourgeoisie has a horror of and is afraid of violence made me laugh!  I thought of the Reign of Terror which ushered in their rule; the awesomely cruel slaughter of workers as  the bourgeoisie's chosen method of terminating the Paris Commune;  their cruelty and violence in the disciplining of their colonies and their vicious repression of nationalism as in Algeria and Vietnam.  No Tagore2, the French bourgeoisie, like their class sisters and brothers all over the planet, far from being timorous of violence, or unprepared for it, see it as their favourite response whenever they feel their rule is being challenged. After all, the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, being exploitative, supports itself through violence and fear, even when this may not be obvious to naive observers or even the exploited themselves. 

Nor do I think that the French bourgeoisie "are in their bubble": on the contrary I think they're in their element.  After all there's nothing the international bourgeoisie likes better than war and repression; this is an essential part of their daily sustenance. Isn't the current lock down in Paris and all of France a sign of the power of the French ruling clas as they impose order and fear on their open prison?  The citizens quivering fearfully "in a bubble" are none other than the exploited and repressed; frightened not just of terrorism, but also of their rulers' response to it (more terrifying than  the terrorists themselves?) plus the daily struggle of life under capital and against the rigours of financial austerity and all that goes with it.

The bubble is the Spectacle. It's capitalism. We have to see it for what it is and burst it. 

The bourgeoisie is never

The bourgeoisie is never directly confronted with violence it uses, in addition, there is no contradiction between having a holy horror of blood and order distant bombing in Syria. France and Syria are two different countries, and there may be hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria without any bourgeois be bothered. What he sees in a pinch, is that the gas prices down, and he hears on TV that Daesh sells oil discount on the black market, but it will not feel forced to do the link between the first and the second event.

While it is unfair to make a generality of all the French, it is not wrong to say that most French are living in a bubble, as for them, 150.000 deaths in Syria is a non-event, while 150 deaths in France is a disaster.

To put it more bluntly, French is a submitted larva that lives in its cocoon and be afraid of everything that is going on outside; for the French, Syria is "barbaric", and only if some "barbarians" enter into the anthill that all larvae begin to sing the "Marseillaise" and shouting "Arabs out!"

But, not to be jealous, we can say that the English, Germans or Americans are no better.