Torture: Afghanistan to USA

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Torture: Afghanistan to USA
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There was no reason to believe Obama when he claimed to have closed CIA Black Sites. At most we could be certain that some torture operations were delegated to underlings torturers, for economic reasons. But the United States still had to be involved as sponsors of torture. And in 2013 indeed, a video leaks, showing cheap Afghan torturers hitting a war prisoner, under the watchful eye of American soldiers, equipped with surgical gloves. The uniform worn by the soldiers was introduced into the army in 2010, which proves that the video was shot between 2010 and 2013, under the reign of Obama.

In 2015, the UN reported that 35% of war prisoners were tortured, that the press reports as a huge step forward, because in its previous survey, on a narrower sample, the UN concluded that 50% of war prisoners were tortured (40% in the previous survey). Since Afghanistan is in the right direction, the UN will stop these investigations.

Back to the USA.

Angel Perez denounced the Chicago Police Department for having led him in the “Homan Square” black site where he was threatened and sodomized by police officers with a gun. The purpose was to force him to buy drugs for an undercover operation. After he surrendered, he was cleaned and released.

After the Angel Perez's testimony, other forced “informants” have joined the lawsuit against the Chicago police. Witnesses agree about the arbitrary confinement, the chaining up, and the obligation to urinate and defecate directly in the cell. The aim was to force petty delinquents to become complicit of police's illegal operations, like deposit weapons or drugs around suspects.

The policemen are so stupid that they have registered themselves driving Angel Perez into their secret prison with their own video surveillance cameras. However, the police said since there was no surveillance camera in the cell, then there is no evidence that Angel Perez was raped or assaulted.

Just imagine a sadistic pervert use this kind of defense just after reporting these evidences!


The CPD however, has a long history of the widespread use of torture, with the support of the city’s Democratic Party establishment. The revelations regarding Homan Square followed reporting from the Guardian that showed that one of the top torturers at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, Richard Zuley, had honed his techniques extracting confessions for the CPD. The Homan allegations depict the same methods of being shackled in stress positions, sexual assaults and beatings that Zuley used against detainees in the so-called War on Terror.

Zuley was far from the first torturer in the CPD. From 1972 to 1991, former police commander Jon Burge was involved in the regular use of torture to extract confessions, sending many innocent victims to jail. Darrell Cannon for example, confessed to a murder after officers electrocuted his genitals with a cattle prod and subjected him to three mock executions. He then spent 24 years behind bars before having his case dismissed on appeal.


Like Zuley, Burge has a direct connection with US imperialism, having been a military police trainer at an interrogation camp during the Vietnam War […]