“Restoring a strict political and social order”

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“Restoring a strict political and social order”
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Malek Boutih: “Restoring a strict political and social order”

Former president of “SOS Racisme”, the deputy Malek Boutih (Essonne) is a member of the national leadership of the [French] Socialist Party.

The march of January 11, is a flash in the pan or the start of a sustained movement?

Malek Boutih. The generation of 11 January rose for the Republic.

Somehow, it is the spirit of 1789 has resurfaced Sunday from the history books. Very few generations have had the chance to see this. France is a power like others but it has a special place in the world with its values, its model. That's what the French wanted to defend and show. And that blows away everything. The impact is significant, especially for the young.

That meet this aspiration?

I attended last night with Manuel Valls in a seminar with SP deputies. I am an activist for thirty years. This is the first time I attended a meeting of such truth where there is no more current, no more postures. Everything has been said, including things that never a socialist could say: non-compliance with the minute of silence in schools in some neighborhoods, ghettos become a very serious problem, the release of racist speech... No one sought to conceal or minimize the reality. This exercise of truth should become national. With Muslims, Jews, Christians. And beyond, with Marine Le Pen [extreme right], the UMP [right], etc. The opening speech is the beginning of the recognition of our problems.

Is this a debate that will further protect the French face of a terrorist threat?

We must also prepare for a long fight against Islamo-Nazis who have no other purpose than to destroy us. Amedy Coulibaly is the first jihadist who went not to train abroad. It is urgent to prevent the jihadists use the ghettos as a reserve army through the decomposition which it was established.


I suggest that some neighborhoods and cities to be placed under the guardianship of the State for restoring a strict political and social order. Concretely, this means: no more children off the streets, finished school absenteeism and a relentless struggle against thugs who want to take control of these territories. In Grigny, it is they who control the entrances and exits of buildings. Second proposal, the population distribution: if Muslims live together, then the fundamentalists return them. If there were few residents of the neighborhoods in the demonstrations, it is because they are held hostage by the extremists. I do not accept that the Salafists are entitled to [live in] HLM [public housing] where they lead the conquest of territories by banning the sale of pork or non-observance of Ramadan.

The left is ready for this shock therapy?

It is in responsibility [in power]. So either it allows the Republic do this reconquest, either it disappears. And it must do this in the same Republican mindset that in recent days. It is time to hold out one's hand to all. Our jihadist opponents think that our pride impulse will not last. They rely on our divisions to wear out us. Demonstrate to them that the Republican block is solid. Sectarianism is our worst enemy.