Midlands Discussion Forum, Birmingham 20th June

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Midlands Discussion Forum, Birmingham 20th June
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The next Midlands Discussion Forum will take place on Saturday 20th June in the back room of the Anchor Inn, 308 Bradford Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6ET; meeting starts at 2pm. We will be discussing "Europe and the UK - Capitalism, Nationalism and class struggle".


All comrades are of course welcome.


...to whoever editted the post so it no longer read 'Ddiscussion'.

clash of dates

Unfortunately due to a prior commitment we won't be able to attend the meeting

Bad timing

Unfortunately the timing of this meeting isn't excellent. Apart from anything else, a lot of people are probably going to London to take part in or at least try to intervene in the anti-austerity demo. However, I don't think we knew about the demo when we organised this. I certainly didn't.

I'd like to attend one of

I'd like to attend one of these some day. I only ever did an anarcho syndicalist one. It was fine.

audio available

The audio from this meeting is now available:




That's quite all right, vainfone. I hope you find it useful and/or interesting. If you have any comments or questions about the content of the meeting or the Midlands Discussion Forum, please feel free to post them in this thread, or you can contact me by private message.