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What is the position of the ICC on struggles such as Guatemala Civil War, where a confessed Stalinist Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán attempted to do good by the peasants and gave unused land to them even from his own lands? I am particularly interested in issues where the USA or Europe has aided a right wing faction in order to overthrow a democratic communist leadership, which is also tied into business or natural resources, like in Guatemala or East Timor. For me, I am so sick of American and Northern European imperialism and its fruit companies, that I tend to show loyalty to any communist revolution first and foremost.

communist revolutions are not that common.....

Hello and welcome to this forum. Your reaction to the domination of the world by the main imperialist powers, or the USA's arrogant intervention in Latin America (as in the overthrow of the Arbenz regime in 1954) is understandable but we don't think that Stalinists are communists or leading communist revolutions anywhere. For us the communist revolution means a massive social movement in which the working class destroys the old state and takes power. It can only be an international(ist) movement or it will be defeated. During the period of the 'cold war' Stalinist parties led a number of so-called 'revolutions' (China, Cuba, Vietnam) but they represent a reorganisation of capitalism along more state-controlled lines and a shift away from the US bloc towards the Russian bloc, which was also imperialist. Today throughout Latin America there are many 'left' leaders proclaiming their socialism, first and foremost Chavez in Venezuela, but these governments have not ceased exploiting the working class and repressing its resistance, as we have chronicled on many occasions. For example:


PS sorry to have not said more about 1954 - perhaps other comrades can come in on this. I know it was a very blatant example of the US getting rid of a government which did not correspond to its economic and strategic interests in central America but I am not familiar with the way the workers and peasants of Guatemala were drawn into this