Did Russia Start a new Era of Cold War?

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Did Russia Start a new Era of Cold War?
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I am a 40 years old man from Iraq, suddenly and by chance found this website while I was browsing through the web for issues about Marxism and the current status of the Worker movements around the world. I found great contributions and ideas,attracting me to be tied to this ICC's page...

What I am concerened about these days, is browsing another page (Information clearing house )which I felt with as it is run by some Russian intelegence agency because: 

1. this is much more concentrating onshowing all ugly sides of America's policy, while keeping silent about russia's policy.

2. Portraiting Viladimer Putin, the russian president as a hero for stopping West military Barbarism..

the question jumped up to my mind, weather another scenery of Cold war is applied by both sides via interent and media? So please help me with clues, am I right about such concern or not??

Hello Redwind

Hello Redwind, I'm not in the ICC but a sympathiser and I'll kick off an answer to your question until a more appropriate authority responds with links hopefully.

You are first of all right about increasing imperialist tensions between both sides of Russia and the west and this is expressed not just via the internet and media but on the ground in and around Ukraine at the moment (articles on the home page on Ukraine, etc.) but wider afield, Syria and Africa for example where Russian imperialism is a real force coming up against that of the west and other local interests).

But the "new Cold War" being plugged by the media misses the point and underestimates the danger of the imperialism generally. John Kerry was bemoaning the certainties of the Cold War period just a couple of days ago. The ICC has been putting forward these uncertainties and dangers for many years now. Russia, though a serious imperialist power (with nuclear weapons) is no longer a world power. This doesn't make it any the less dangerous because its own imperialist appetites and tensions remain intact. The collapse of the Warsaw Pact Russian-led bloc also led to severe tensions being exerted on Nato and particlarly on the US which has been left in the position as a single superpower whose reach and influence, despite being by far the greatest power on earth, is under strain and tensions from all, or most of, its previous partners, let alone its enemies.

So no new "Cold War", but a situation of chaos and uncertainty that is even potentially more dangerous.

Thanks alot Baboon! what

Thanks alot Baboon! what mainly I had meant about the question and concern is the "intelligent"Activity by both sides such as (RT - russia today TV)and a webpage ..." here I can't add the link ", I am not quite sure about the policy of this website if permitting to promote for links or not?
The Iraqi Communist party was a stalinist party through it's long history in Iraq , so they still belongging to the east-bloc identity .... Moscow's propaganda, is highly welcomed among the members of this party.

No problem with links

Just to clarify this issue for RedWind - we have no problem with including bona fide links in posts (actually you even have a button in the little tool bar to allow you to do precisely that!). Spam will get wiped no matter whether it has links or not.

For example such
the propaganda war

Yes Redwind, news stations are just vehicles for expressing the propaganda of the ruling class - all of them. RT very effectively, and with some sophistication over and above the old Russian propaganda machine, extols the virtues and image of Putin (though the Russian ruling class is much wider than Putin), supports the imperialist interests of Russia and shows up the inconsistences and hypocrisy of US imperialism - the latter not very difficult given its history.

The BBC, which has a world-wide reputation for "independence" is also the voice of British imperialism and the national interest. It is absolutely at the service of the British state and indistinguishable from it. Joseph Goeballs, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda admired the BBC and wished to have something like it.