Independent Egyptian unions hold their first conference

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Red Hughs
Independent Egyptian unions hold their first conference
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Link Here (I'll admit it's not super-informative)

Naturally, these independent trade unions evolved from the unions which were previously controlled by the regime.

It seems logical that this group is fighting for demands which are more in the interests of the working class than the more pure "democratic" opposition. At the same time, I think we can count on this group keeping the struggle within the bounds of a democratic framework at the end of the day. 


on independent unions

 This clearly reflects the development of a specifically working class movement in Egypt, but as you say the basic function of new trade unions is to contain the class movement and ultimately to sabotage it. Clearly the official unions were entirely discredited, so something new was needed. At the same time, there will be many genuinely radical workers involved in this structure so revolutionaries will need to find ways to conenct with them and argue for our positions. I don't think the anarchists, at least the majority of them, are going to contribute much clarity on this question, given their views on the possibility of 'revolutionary unions' etc. This underlines the need to develop a specifically left communist pesence internationally. 

Red Hughs
I agree that a more active

I agree that a more active trade union movement likely indicates a more militant working class.

Just a note that the article I liked wasn't anarchists but kind of generic "socialism" though I'm sure exactly which international there part of (maybe a left split from the original social democratic party (???) but definitely not anarchists).



Red, the link is to the website of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, a British Trotskyist group. They are not Anarchists, they even ran an article recently arguing against Anarchism. I believe Alf's comment was meant to be a general one about how Anarchists would likely confuse the situation rather than aimed specifically at anything in your link.


 Yes, Zanthorus is correct.  I should have made this clearer. I was thinking about the uncritical response to the Egyptian independent trade unions on libcom, and more generally, the growing appeal of anarcho-syndicalism among the new generation of anarchists - these ideas seem to express a real difficulty in breaking with the unionist conception of he class struggle.