Grenada 'revolution' (productivity and development)

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Grenada 'revolution' (productivity and development)
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I was watching some excerpts of Grenada: The Future Coming Towards Us (1984) which was filmed in 1983 just before the US invasion. Candia Alleyne (Food and Nutrition Council) says that people were encouraged to eat imported foods (local food was associated with being poor) and that more interestingly workers were encouraged to work at a low productivity level (and presumablythere was a low development and technological level too) so that they continued to be the consumers of wheat (imported). Could anyone expand or broaden this point? It's also interesting they talk about particpatory democracy, there were local, parish, workers councils etc But it has been proved time and again it is not only impossible to develop nationally in a semi-planned way under world capitalism it also doesn't lead to socialism. There are no national roads. Incidentally, the airport runway that was being built at the time which was part of a pre-text for invasion by the US because they said it was going to be used by Soviet bombers (actually tourism and cargo) was being built by Cuban workers but financed by a British company no less! They must have been double agents and secret communists the British ruling class.

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