Scranton's Public Sector Financial Crisis

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Scranton's Public Sector Financial Crisis
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Scranton's Public Workers Now Paid Minimum Wage

"The city of Scranton, Pa., sent out paychecks to its employees Friday, like it does every two weeks. But this time the checks were much smaller than usual. Mayor Chris Doherty has reduced everyone's pay — including his own — to the state's minimum wage: $7.25 an hour.

Doherty says his city has run out of money.

Scranton has had financial troubles for a couple of decades — the town has been losing population since the end of World War II. But the budget problems became more serious in recent months as the mayor and the city council fought over how to balance the budget." - NPR


Have any of the comrades been following this, and could possible provide more information? It would make a good article, especially in how it highlights numerous contradictions. I heard some interviews of the public workers in Scranton, and many of them sounded very pissed off. The democratic-legal arena is where this fight has mainly taken place up until now, there seems to be plenty of fodder for it to move onto the proletarian terrain.

I wonder, can we find more voices of the Scranton public workers? What is the involvement of the unions, if any? There are a few cdes closer to Pa, maybe they have heard some things?

Yeah, I heard about it

Yeah, I heard about it proper. It is pretty insane that cops are getting paid minimum wage. I doubt that makes them any friendlier. Is this temporary? Is there some kind of state intervention coming? This is the kind of thing that is happening in Michigan, where the Republican controlled state govenrment has seized upon municipalities in financial trouble to unilaterally dismiss a series of local governments and appoint a state manager. This has led to all kinds of campaigns around democracy and democratic rights, etc. Perhaps this is coming to Scranton? The fact that the mayor and city council can't agree on how to balance the budget seems like a microcosm of what is happening on the federal level (although it is interesting to note that both the Mayor and City council are all Democrats), but here it seems like it has very real, direct and immeditate consequences for the working class. There is nothing abstract about it.

i only know ...

... what i read in the times

original report


on the role of financing

It was really funny-MSNBC

It was really funny-MSNBC (the left of center cable news network in the US) was all over this story when it first broke as it seemed like evidence of another anti-democratic Republican attack on the unions. Then, when it emerged everyone involved was a Democrat, they went almost silent.