Mexico between crisis and narcotrafic

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Proletarian Dy
Mexico between crisis and narcotrafic
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The discussion that follows was prompted by the article: Mexico between crisis and narcotrafic. The discussion was initiated by Proletarian Dy.
Below is the discussion so far. Feel free to add your own comments!

Proletarian Dy
Drug policy of ICC?

I posted the link of this article ( in Facebook. One comrade there (James Hadfield) ask a question which is important for discussion and to achieve clarification: "So what is the International Communist Current drug policy?"

Thoughts from the comrades?


Can you clarify: are you

Can you clarify: are you talking about the management of drugs under the present system, or after its overthrow? And what do you mean by 'drugs' exactly?

Proletarian Dy
I hope that James Hadfield

I hope that James Hadfield could elaborate his question. In our short discussion in Facebook he commented: "I know Green Party have a clear but well hidden policy on drugs ! I have some ICC newspapers, more then likely at home, that I would sell, if I knew a bit clearer .... :-)) !"

Is the question, "Is it

Is the question, "Is it permissible for ICC members to partake of certain substances?" ?


Proletarian Dy wrote:

I hope that James Hadfield could elaborate his question. In our short discussion in Facebook he commented: "I know Green Party have a clear but well hidden policy on drugs ! I have some ICC newspapers, more then likely at home, that I would sell, if I knew a bit clearer .... :-)) !"

The Green Party is a capitalist party, and their drug policy, like all their policies, consist of prescriptions for the capitalist state should they ever manage to take hold of it.  Actually, given the realities of American politics today, their policies consist of recommendations to the Democratic Party of what they should do with the capitalist state, recommendations that the Democratic Party have absolutely no problem ignoring.  The ICC doesn't recommend anything to the Democratic Party or capitalist state other their prompt and total dissolusion in the face of the power of the working class.


As for what the ICC thinks of the meaning of the drug war and the drug policies of capitalist states as they exist today, especially as impacts the working class, well, that can be found in the article.

excellent article and

excellent article and horrifying.

The role of heroin and imperialism in decadance is touched on in the article in relation to Vietnam, Latin America etc, but the main focus was elsewhere though. However it is worth going a bit deeer into the link the relationship becomes more stark.

The relationship in Vietnam was complex, not only the experiements on soldiers, but also the way the US encourage local war lords in Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Cambodia  to grow heroin to finance their activities. This was not new, during the 50s when the French controlled Vietnam the US did the same for those war lords who opposed the french.

In the late 40s the CIA backed local gangsters efforts to take control of Marsellie port from the CP controled union, despite the fact these gangster aimed to use the port as a means for sending heroin to the US (the supply of heroin to the US had dried up during the war).

The example of Afghanistan is very illuminating. The West, whilst waging its war on drugs at home, encouraged the opponents of the USSR to grow opium in order to finance their arms. The destruction wrought on Pakistan can be seen that it went from a country with hardly any heroin addicts to over 100.000.000 in the space of a few years. In Afghanistan itself, opium was the only profitable crop that could be grown once the war had destroyed the old argicultural infrastructure in the country. Afghanistan has become the main supplier of heroin to the world, under the tutalege e of the US and the UK.

On another point the article analysis of the way that the drugs economy has become the only means of making a living for many workers is important and not confined to Mexico, or Latin America. In the US and other major capitalist countries the drugs economy has replaced the old industries in many former mining, steel etc towns. It is the only way that people can make a living. This is particularly marked in the inner city ghettos of the US.

There is an interesting article on our Spanish site on the use of mind altering drugs, which hopefully we can translate. The destructive use of drugs is a real concern to workers and others around the world especially with the deepening crisis and decomposition making their use or involvement in their production and supply so attractive.

Spanish Article
Interesting that the article

Interesting that the article draws attention to Mexico's economic woes. In the US, there has been a lot of talk about how Mexico's economy has actually been improving; thus, reducing the influx of illegal immigrants into the US. NPR had a story the other day about the fact that many rural Mexican states are finding that they need to train their teachers in English in order to communicate with children whose families have moved back to Mexico from the US. Some of this is due to increased immigration enforcement in the US, but some of it is due to the fact that some families have simply decided that they are now better off back in Mexico.