Contacting ICC Comrades in New York

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Contacting ICC Comrades in New York
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Hello, I'm interested in working with the ICC in the NYC area or at least getting a better idea of their activity on the ground to see if it's the right choice for me. I just sent my second email in three days or so and someone on another forum advised me to post here, given that the death of Jerry_Grevin may have caused some problems for US ICC comrades.


Anyone have any tips to help me get involved?





Just replied

Hey Joe. We just replied. Sorry for delay...

there'll be a public meeting

there'll be a public meeting on march 19, see the diary. (i'm not a member, i hope the ICC don't mind that i took the liberty of pointing this out.) can't make this one but the meetings are very valuable.

Original Poster

Judging by the original posters location and mention of being told about Jerry Grevin's death on another forum as well as the whole 'ICC aren't responding to my e-mails' thing, the original poster may be the user 'Blackscare' from Revleft. If so, it would appear that he's definitively abandoned the idea of working with the ICC and is in the process of joining the 'Party for Socialism and Liberation', a 'Marxist'-'Leninist' outfit.

Blackscare on Revleft

Yes, I read the thread and we'll be replying to Blackscare's questions. Need to think about and discuss them first...