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Peter Pan
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Could it be possible to make a special page with all the articles on the Occupy and Indignados movement? Just like on the french website. This would make things a lot easier and overviewable.


Good point


We did have such a page on the English site last year. We will try to find out what happened to it and to update it if we can. This is an important question and such a centralized collection of articles on this question would help.

heres some for
Peter Pan
Occupy/Indignados & Arab Spring files


Don't wanna sound hair splitting, but it would still be nice to have a page with a list of all articles about Occupy and Indignados on the english, just like this page on the french website.

Now, to spare you some time I allready collected the most crucial pages:

Besides these pages, which allready collect some articles, there are some other articles, which are not categorized with the others:

It would also be nice to have a kind of file with the articles about the Arab Spring. Here are some pages allready:

The following article is probably not categorized, but regarding the seriousness of it, it should be:

Don't let yourself stress by this! Priorities are priorities. At least this post will avoid extra search time for interested people.