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New Article From PCI In Communist Left
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One of the International Communist Party's (Il Partito, Communist Left) recently posted a new article on their English language website from their English publication Communist Left. The last portion of the article reads:


- With effective strikes, prolonged, without notice, with pickets, which extend beyond companies and categories;
- By fighting for goals that unite all workers: real wage increases (above inflation) with more for the worst-paid categories; generalized reduction of working hours for the same salary, wages for workers made ​​redundant.
- By linking in with, uniting with and defending the proletariat as a whole, that is, including the unemployed, pensioners, the sick, disabled, the young, in order to unite ourselves as a class.

To do this we need to rebuild a real CLASS UNITY, OUTSIDE AND AGAINST THE CONTROL OF THE UNION LEADERS, whose main function is to prevent the class struggle.

And that can only be a start. No economic victory will be final until capitalism is finished off once and for all. This has been amply demonstrated in recent years, as all the achievements of the hard-fought workers’ struggles of the past have been destroyed one by one. The working class can only free itself from the condition of poverty, insecurity and exploitation by gaining power through revolution, by overthrowing the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and imposing the dictatorship of the proletariat. Themeasures needed to emancipate humanity from capitalism can only be the revolutionary communist program:
- Abolition of wage labour, with the abolition of capital and the free distribution of goods and services;
- Socialised work with the disappearance of unemployment;
- Drastic reduction of the working day;
- Reorganisation of production according to human needs and not for profit.

In an older article they link to (from the days when the PCI was a unified organization and not a series of splinters) from 1979 called ,'Outside and Against the Existing Trade Unions', they defend the concept of 'class unions', or 'Red Unions':

But when we do pose the practical problem of how to define the main features of a workers’ organisation, which acts and has to continue to act beyond a single episode of struggle or single demand-which must become permanent, because there is no other way forward-then we have the historic duty of being absolutely categorical about it: outside and against the regime’s unions; for the rebirth of the class organisation!

And later, after the multi-faceted splits in 1982 and the International Communist Party around the publication Il Partito Communista, published an article called "Towards the Re-Birth of the Working Class Trade Union" in 1992 that says:

What is needed today, therefore, is for the exploited to reconstruct their own strong, loyal and combative CLASS UNION as a permanent expression of the hatred of the oppressed toward their condition, and as a vehicle for their resistance struggles against the boundless greed of the capitalists. It must be an organisation which emanates from the working class and which responds to it alone; which assumes no responsibility for the battles between the bourgeois classes, for their economy and for their nation, and whose declared aim is defending the workers against its class enemy.


It struck me as odd that their recent article omits any mention of RILU-esque 'Class Union' slogans or ideas, and was wondering if this might be a change in their position on the subject? Is it possible?

A small side note, this isn't

A small side note, this isn't the website of the the "mainstream" PCI which imploded in 1982, this is the website of the faction known as the Florence Party, which left the PCI in 1974 as far as I'm aware of. They had a red-unionist position opposed to the "mainstream" PCI which supported work within the old trade-unions as was the traditional line of the Italian left. The two PCIs coming from the 1982 split are il Programma Comunista ( and Le Proletaire (

Thanks for that- it's

Thanks for that- it's difficult to keep it all straight when dealing with multiple splits and splinters.



mhou wrote:

Thanks for that- it's difficult to keep it all straight when dealing with multiple splits and splinters.



Maybe someone could make a flowchart?

Spoke too soon: from the

Spoke too soon: from the latest issue of Communist Left:

This objective can only be carried out by rebuilding a workers’ organisation genuinely committed to struggle: a real workers economic union prepared to fight for its class; a class union. The bourgeoisie is only able to successfully mount its attacks against the workers because the main trade unions are totally integrated into the State apparatus; a process which is bolstered by their unholy pact with the Labour Party; a system in which particularly obliging trade union leaders can even expect to sleep their way through a lucrative retirement in the House of Lords!

I guess that brief article left it out for brevity or something, rather than as evidence of a change.