"Rise Up and Revolt Now": A short Essay

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The Marxist
"Rise Up and Revolt Now": A short Essay
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"Rise Up and Revolt Now": a short essay

By: The Marxist



Not since 1848 and 1917 respectively have we seen such powerful revolutions shake the existing world order. Tunisia was the spark that lit the fuse, and with the ousting of their president, the whole powder keg burst across the entire Middle East. Egypt is a democracy of sorts and so is Tunisia, Libya is a war zone, and Bahrain, Yemen, and other parts of the Arab world are awash with protests.

But where is the international support that should be helping the poor people in Bahrain, who now have been hunted down like rats after a wave of protest? Where is the international support that should bring and end to the current Libyan government and put the rebels, the common people, in power? As of this writing, it hasn’t arrived.

Indeed, the US has interests in Bahrain and Yemen. Both are allies of the nation I’m proud to call my home, and the US Fifth Fleet is stationed in Bahrain’s harbor. That, I admit, is not something to be proud of. Let’s not forget that the US should be supporting democracy, not delaying it.

I’ve always been awed by the display of power of the common people in Russia during its October Revolution. Even after international support for the white cause threatened to destroy the people’s movement, the revolutionaries stood firm. That was then of course. Again, where is the international support that should be supporting the people’s movement in it’s time of need?

In my opinion, revolution anywhere could achieved if we simply cast off our chains put on us by this international community and fought our own battles. If we rose up now and were truly dedicated, we could achieve anything. The bourgeoisie could not possibly hold back the wave of people world wide, now could it?

You talk of revolution but you never act. If the Russians had simply talked of ending oppression by the Tsar, the oppression by the Tsar would have still continued. Never has a Marxist in the United States or any other developed nation actually acted upon his or hers desires to establish a true communist society. That changes now.

Everyone, young and old, will strike while the iron is hot. It does not matter if your are 16 or 56-yout wills strike while the iron is hot. Before the proletariat is denounced as terrorists, it is important to first reach your goals through peace as in Egypt. If we all protested outside the White House in a collective movement for and end to this horrid system, would the president not be obliged to step down? Especially in the US, killing your own people would simply accelerate the velvet revolution.

And if we succeeded, Imperialism would end. Poverty would end. Exploitation by corporations and government representatives would end. All inequality would end. The proletariat need a voice. Our voice will denounce the current regime as unjust and hasten its demise. Our voice will create a new, communist society.

We should hold the Arab revolutions up as a how-to guide to revolution. We should seek to emulate their style for any future revolution. Capitalism can only watch as the Arabs rejoice in their new found freedom. W ith their newfound freedom comes freedom from oppression. And hopefully, freedom from oppression could bring freedom from capitalism and the whole rotten system.


Workers of the World, Unite!


 Thanks for posting your

 Thanks for posting your thoughts, but there are a lot of points in your post we can't agree with. We certainly share your enthusiasm for the hopeful signs that have appeared in the recent revolts, but we don't think that any revolutions have taken place. In Russia in 1917 there wasa  revolutin: the old capitalist political regime was overthrown by an organised working class; in Egypt and Tunisia, despite the departure of the figureheads, the old regime is still very much in place and the working class is only just beginning to organise itself. So we would say there'sa lot more to making a revolution than standing outside the White House.