How Would a True Communist society be implemented?

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How Would a True Communist society be implemented?
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I've always wondered, how exactly would a true communist society(if it can work) be implemented after a nation's government fell and a dicatatorship of the proletariat was established in a socialist government, paving the way for the next phase, which is supposably Marx's classless society?


Don't humans naturally have differences(economically, politically, racial) resulting in more or less a class based society? Just look at the caste system in India(a fine example of class division)? How would this new socialist society transition towards this goal without having human interests create yet class divisions?


Just as a side note, with communism more or less not that popular in the west right now, what are the odds the proletariat will just rise up and rid themselves of the yoke of the Bourgeoisie(seeing as how East Europe must look to western Europe as an "example" of communism, turning them off to any new marxist idea for communist government, such as left communism?)

Human differences

A lot of supposed human differences are not natural but the result of conditioning and upbringing. Someone born into a poor family gets a very different start in life than someone born into wealth. They will probably grow up with different ideas about how life works. But ideas are not fixed and can change as they are subjected to different influences and experience. And education can effect people's thinking. So your economic circumstances will not necessarily dictate your political views, which are anyway always open to change. As to racial differences: people have differing skin colours it's true, but we all belong to the same race do we So we come to questions of class.

Human differences - continued

(I'm sorry, I cut myself off). Yes. We are all the same race. We're not all the same class however. And I don't think the Marxist idea of class has much to do with caste systems as in India, though even there you could reject for yourself the caste into which you were born and forge a new commitment. The working class produces the wealth splendidly squandered by the bourgeoisie ie the working class is exploited. When it gets political power through the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, it will initiate the whole of society into productive work - for the satisfaction of human needs, not for profit - and by this process, over time, will abolish it's own exploitation as a class, and do away with class society at the same time. If it failed in this mammoth task, which it will if it is not fully conscious of what it's doing, then humanity will be let down, class society will remain, and we will all be left looking forward to increasing barbarism and the next world war. Given this, it puzzles me why real communism, what you perhaps mean by left-communism (to distinguish this from the phony bourgeois state communism which we had in Russia and elsewhere, for so long) is 'not that popular in the west right now', given that the alternative, in which we live right now, is so unspeakably awful, ghastly, unbearable, destructive etc. Don't you agree? So let's hope the proletariat will rise up - not JUST rise up, but act in a full conscious awareness of what it's doing and where it is going ie. to political power - and that the future of humanity, if not the very planet, will fall into more secure hands.

Correct : some additional thoughts however : reply to DN

No disgreement whatever about any idea that 'The Dictatorship of the Proletariat' has the remotest connection with the re-emergence of Capitalism : it is the diametric opposite in every respect .

For a start the end aim - after overthrow and this Party-in-concert-with-Worker's-Councils temporary stage is surely, that because the abolition of Class Society , the 'solution' to the changing 'veneers' mystifyingly painted on the truth that history is simply the history of The Oppressor and Oppressed , the end aim is the abolition of its ( the proletariat's) own supremacy :in a classless society who is there to oppress ?

In fact surely one of the most central themes in Marx is that 'at last' the development of the productive forces have produced the only class in history ( or actually 'pre-history as he often liked to describe it ) which can take SUCH a giant step in human existence has come into being precisely through Capitalism : potentially the 'last confrontation' in 'pre-history'


Naive ? yes : not very well chosen language ? yes and dangerously misleading if backed by some 'False Flag' platform . I agree and refute , if that is the case .

But unless I am missing a large chunk of text , I read ( or 'misread' ) this post differently , not detecting a 'false flag' simply immense confusion .


Of course the mention of $700 billion etc. has the ridiculous tone of spouting Bourgeois apologists , but the method and implementation of 'policing' of the period of transition to a world which is scarcely conceivable - such is the habitual thinking seared into - perhaps even our unconsciousness - torturously forced on us all by Bourgeois Ideology is a very important subject - and a monumental task - that cannot be shied away from - even before the overthrow of the bourgeois state .

Especially considering the exponential increse in 'unevenness of development ' over the globe .


Without any disrespect to OLU my first inclination was to read this post as sarcastic .

Sort of :

'Well ...if the largest armed forces of the most powerful oppressive bourgeois nation in history , with the most sophisticated technology can't 'police' the world then how will the proletariat do it ' : not an entirely irrelevant question in my opinion .

However : the dangerous and mystified use of organic metaphors like 'disease' - your critique spot on - leads me to give the benefit of the doubt to 'confusion' - dangerous nonetheless - rather than 'false flag'

Do you see what I'm driving at ? or are we saying the same thing differently ?

How naughty to advertise your website ! I shall go there immediately




OLU said: "communism will

OLU said: "communism will never truly work unless all signs of capitalism are eliminated. capitalism is like a disease. if you let a little bit of it grow, then it will spread and destroy everything around it." SchalkenDN says it's not a disease but has rather been deliberately cultivated by the bourgeoisie. I agree with both. In it's ascendant phase capitalism was cultivated, that's to say "encouraged" - but was never under anyone's control - while in it's decadence, and final phase of decomposition, it has become possibly the most dangerous disease on the planet; threatening even life itself, even the planet itself.

Dealing with the first part of what OLU said, about the proletariat having to be armed stronger than the USA in order to impose its dictatorship, A. Simpleton wonders if OLU was being serious.

"Without any disrespect to OLU my first inclination was to read this post as sarcastic .

Sort of :

'Well ...if the largest armed forces of the most powerful oppressive bourgeois nation in history , with the most sophisticated technology can't 'police' the world then how will the proletariat do it ' : not an entirely irrelevant question in my opinion."

But the bourgeoisie has constantly to police the world in order to maintain the subjugation of those it exploits. Should the revolution prove successful - it's in everyone's interest, so why shouldn't it? - then the armed working class will be able to " wither away" with the State. Is this not correct AS?