Problem with Google search

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Marin Jensen
Problem with Google search
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Baboon flagged this up - there is a problem with Google Search on this site, in that it doesn't produce any results. I'll get someone onto it, but in the meantime you can also use the "content" search tab that appears alongside the "Google" tab in the results page.

Try google +

Yeah there's a problem with custome search. What I did is I try the google + and I manage to search. Google + button is beside the search when its blank :D

Google search with ads... aaaaghh!!

Well, we seem to have managed to get it fixed. There is a problem in that Google is revamping its custom search mechanism (which we use to get the results on the site), and this caused the results to disappear...

A patch to the system seems to have done the trick... only problem is that (depending on your search), you are liable to get a couple of Google ads at the top of the result list. If you search for "Pearl Harbour" you'll get an ad for a travel agency to Pearl Harbour, but if you search for "communist left", there don't seem to be any ads associated with that. Wonder why?

It would be nice to get the ads removed, but (in all modesty) I suspect that Google is trickier than me in putting the ads in...