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Anti-spam news
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 Some of you may have noticed that your posts didn't get posted straight away on the site. This is because we've just changed the way the anti-spam works. In the past we occasionally got false positives (ie proper users being flagged as spammers) and in the old system there was no way of telling it that what was flagged as spam was in reality ham (ie good ). 

We hope now that there will be some improvements:

a) if posts are analysed as spam then they get put into a moderation queue, and (assuming the moderator see them which hopefully he will) they will then get converted into ham and posted;

b) people who are confirmed forumistas will bypass the spam control altogether, which should be much more satisfactory for all concerned: the anti-spam protection should - we hope - no longer get in the way of debate.

Sorry about all this, it is one of the plagues of the Internet and we're doing our best to keep it under control without damping discussion.