question about Hamburg protests

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question about Hamburg protests
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Does anyone have any info about what has been going on in Hamburg about the Rote Flore squat? First of all how many people are participating in the demonstrations? From what I've understood so far, the number seems to be between 8,000 to 10,000 in Hamburg, is this correct? Are all the protestors more or less the already politicized people in the city (leftists, anarchists, the squat movement, other radicals etc.) or are there others sponteneously coming out? If so to what an extent? If not, what is the general feeling about the events among the working class and specifically the young proletarians? What is the situation in other cities? Is it a few leftists demonstrating here and there or something more? Did the martial law in Hamburg cause an outburst or is the general feeling supportive of the state?

I would be glad if someone can answer my questions, thanks in advance.

Any use?

Can't help directly Leo but have you seen this thread on Libcom which contains several links to info and 'analysis'?

Also in Hamburg last summer was this struggle of some significance IMO

And are you aware of the current issues in Burgos, Northern Spain?

Hope these are of some use. Fraternally KT