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Black Mirror
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Has anyone watched this? Me and my wife found it to be thought-provoking, full of dark forecasts about technology and alienation and a deep criticism of different aspects of decomposing capitalism.


I fucking love Black

I fucking love Black Mirror.

So many favorites episodes to pick from. I would probably say Be Right Back but when it really comes down to it I'd choose The Entire History of You. Really flipped a switch and made me feel some kind of way.

Arguably The Waldo Moment and 15 Million Merits were the most pointedly political with their almost remorseful and obvious nods to modern society...

Fuck on second thought the

Fuck on second thought the fact that lady keeps an android version of her dead husband in the attic for her daughter to "visit" every now and again...that's kind of hard to top! hehe

Also...Leo?! Wife!? My

Also...Leo?! Wife!?

My congrats homie!

Thanks comrade! My favorite

Thanks comrade!

My favorite episode would be 15 Million Merits, closely followed by the Waldo Moment - yes, the most political ones - although Be Right Back was the most touching. But the reason was that while watching, I think we really emphasized with the characters, not that the plot was the most interesting. The Entire History of You was probably my least favorite episode to be honest.

No way man! At the end he is

No way man! At the end he is so fed up he cuts his modifcation out with only a razor! But without the chip he would have never known the child wasn't his own. That's intense.

I liked 15 million merits a lot, too. What did you think about the ending though? I was kind of dissapointed he didn't take his anger and discontent a step further...instead he ends up with his own TV show... I'm going to watch it again now though heh

I don't think there was a

I don't think there was a problem with the plot in The Entire History of You, however watching the episode was an irritating experience for me, I didn't really enjoy it. Yes, though, it was intense, that it was.

The ending of 15 Million Merits was, in my opinion, bitter-sweet. He became a leftist, a trade-unionist etc. in the end: a phoney critic of the system from within. Yes, I would have loved if he became a conscious proletarian revolutionary but I think this way it was more meaningful.

The guy in the Waldo episode did become something of a revolutionary in the end.

It seems like Channel 4 is on

It seems like Channel 4 is on the fence about a potential third season. I hope they do it!

"But I think this was it was more meaningful." You're right, it leaves you searching for answers, for closure. Great episode.

I think I like White Bear the

I think I like White Bear the best partly because it's so fucked up on every level. Some of the other episodes were a bit obvious in their attacks and critiques. The good thing about White Bear is that I didn't see the outcome coming at all, maybe others did though? 

The irony of course is that while Charlie Brooker, one of the writers has written something great here he's also been known to present cretinous middle classy panel type shows (he also writes for bourgeois rag The Guardian) similar kind of bullshit that he is criticising. But he can be partly forgiven because he also had a big hand in one of the greatest recent comedies, Nathan Barley (and Brass Eye).

Yeah the White Bear episode

Yeah the White Bear episode was trippy innit

Reminds of the Fight Compliations where everyone has their cellies out


Leo and Jamal: have you seen Utopia? If you liked Dark Mirror you should love this. It is also a Channel4 production. It is very very dark.

Ernie just finished the first

Ernie just finished the first series last Will probably have to rewatch a few episodes in order to really take in enough in to discuss. One thing that comes to mind though...Wilson Wilson's character. Interesting how he ended up sympathizing with the people trying to spread the disease.

Anyone seen Misfits? The first seasons were brilliant but the later ones have been pretty bad since the original cast is gone completely. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Ian in Utopia) plays Curtis Donovan in Misfits.

I hope the same doesn't happen with Utopia. Really has a lot of potential.


Have been watching Utopia. Thought it could be really good at first, then after a couple of episodes was like why do I care if this or that happens. To me it was only the constant violence that made it enthralling or kept you entertained. It was a weakness. On the plus side, the atmosphere, sets, back drop, camera work is all at times enjoyable and interesting. But overall, all this is purely cover for the lack of originality in the story. In short, there is a high level, shady conspiracy to reduce the population. I think, violence like in Utopia is really starting to wind me up. I mean it just reinforces the idea we live in a violent world and we're all arseholes, it helps to perpetuate it by getting it in our heads. Yet, there is the contradiction that the bourgeois media refuse to show the true horrors of the real world, they actively hide and suppress it. I haven't finished watching it yet but it looks like an MI5 agent is going to help save the day against the evil corrupt corporation. Pretty pathetic really.