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all the spam
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it makes the forum look crazy and un-serious. sure no-one is clicking on it, but is there nothing you can do - most forums don't have much spam.

Doing our best

We appreciate the issue that lem_ raises, but I'm not sure there's much more we can do. The site is protected by an anti-spam service (see the post on anti-spam policy) which detects most of the spam aimed at us - but these things always come and go: inevitably spammers are always one step ahead of the anti-spam service. Believe me the spam you see is peanuts compared to the amount that gets blocked!

We did have a more "brutal" anti-spam system at one point, but it led to too many false positives (ie people getting blocked when in fact they were bona fide), and we didn't want to add yet one more discouragement to participation.

Wizard prang

Hello Webmaster.  You don't want to add one more discouragement to participation on this forum, you say.  So how many discouragements are there already; and what exactly are they? Are they political or psychological  -  fear of being "wrong" for instance or misunderstood,  or of making jokes seen as inappropriate by some comrades but 'wizard prang' by others.  (NB. Wizard prang is topical being a WW2 joke or saying: referring I think to  enemy planes brought down by workers firing at workers on behalf of the bourgeoisie. But please notice this.   The bourgeois class were and still are truly appreciative of the efforts made by stultified workers on their behalf, don't forget that, and still shed crocodile tears over the millions of deaths and casualties suffered by the devastated working class in WW2 to preserve capitalism and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie themselves.  Hallelujah! 

Discouragement and anti-spam

Just a note to say that we are experimenting with a different - hopefully more efficient - anti-spam service. It is possible that this may lead to false positives (ie something that is not a spam being wrongly detected as spam). If you find you are unable to post and all else fails, then please let us know via the contact form.

We'll also be tidying up the fraudulent user id's. Hopefully this shouldn't affect bona fide users, but if you do find your user id has been deleted then please bear with us and register again!

Finally, on Fred's question. I would say there are several levels of "discouragement":

  1. Technical: not everybody is at ease with forums and we want to avoid placing more hoops and hurdles than absolutely necessary in the way of discussion.
  2. Security-conscious: not everybody is at ease leaving any kind of identification at all on web sites (please all wave to Mr Obama at this point...)
  3. Political: there are actually a good deal more people registered to this site, and who login more or less regularly to check it out, than there are active participants. So what puts them off? Unsure of themselves, prefer to read but avoid an actual confrontation of positions... This is one of the difficulties of the present period, that we do in fact find it very difficult to engage in a real, robust debate where positions are confronted and fought for, without this being taken as personal attack.
A never-ending story....

Just to conclude on this (for the moment...), we've just cleared out the fraudulent users who were there purely for spamming purposes. There were more than 6000 of them, and of course the vast majority merely connected, then had their posts caught by the anti-spam. This puts the spamming problem on this site into perspective!

Be aware also, that 95% of all e-mail circulating on the Internet, is spam. So the fact that a few get through from time to time is hardly surprising!

hey wembaster - i wasnt

hey wembaster - i wasnt complaiing, just suggesting that e.g. someone from the icc who uses the forum regularly could just delete the obvious spam.

sorry you are disappointed with the forum right now - is there anything the [non spam] participants could do?

Not disappointed...

I wouldn't say we were disappointed with the forum (except of course we would like to have a much larger readership... ). But in general, the atmosphere is comradely and the debate is thoughtful - which is what we want to encourage.

As for what you can do to help, "spread the good word" to encourage others to join in. And by the way, if you login with a Facebook id there is a checkbox which allows you to post your comments to your Facebook wall.

Facebook mystifies me! What

Facebook mystifies me! What is a "Facebook Wall" and how do I change my name on Facebook?  

Proletarian Dy
Cludflare CAPTCHA

For the past days I've been annoyed by this Cloudflare CAPTCHA before I can open the ICC website.

I don't know why.....