perpetual social crisis

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perpetual social crisis
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i can't elaborate much, cos i don't know much about the term - just how it sits with me. i have an idea, broadly inspired by the arts actually, that the bourgeois have already been ruined, and now it's the turn of the working class - either to destroy class society, or to be irreperably broken by nationalism and the rest of the toxic ideologies.

so do you think we might be phasing a new faze - of perpetual social crisis?

it does seem people are

it does seem people are willing to risk their life [see e.g. ukraine] for a socal struggle, but it's also as if communism / the working class is still taboo.

i don't understand this process, let alone what can be done about it.

I think you're right lem.

I think you're right lem.  There is more and more obviously now "a perpetual social crisis".  It is in  fact  decomposition brought to life in action on the streets, in full view of everyone.  Bourgeois democracy is all crap now. Its decomposing too.  That people are prepared to fight and kill each other in its defense, is sheer lunacy.  There can be no winner.  Its all over and finished.  Singing the  national  anthem, as in  Kiev, as the various dead are parceled up and carried away, is democratic idiocy made manifest in all its horrible grotesqueness. What on earth do these people think they're doing?  What do they think they are achieving?  Do they actually really think at all, or are they just going through some ridiculous bourgeois nationalist ritual? I kill you to prove I love  my country more than  you do, and in the correct "legitimate" way.  Your way is wrong. My brand of nationalism is right.  Bang bang!  


The useful thing about this incredible demonstration of the futility of bourgeois democracy and its awful dead end - a similar process is taking place in Thailand, and I suppose its taking place in Syria and Egypt too though  in a different form - is that it is as I said  an incredible demonstration of the futility of bourgeois democracy.  And, by implication too, the futility for the future of humanity of clinging on to an outworn capitalist system and its now grotesque appendage bourgeois democracy. 

Where is the working class in all of this?  I think we're watching and waiting and can hardly believe our eyes as we witness the massive international collapse of the system we all grew up to know and love and thought would last for ever.   We were wrong.  We are adjusting to this new and startling fact.  We are mulling it over.  It isn't that our solution  to this extremely apparent problem facing us now of how better to organize the world is "taboo", just that it needs time to come to the boil.  Capitalism is almost boiled dry.    Our solution  is simmering nicely.  But is this a statement of faith only, or don't you feel that its happening too?  

"this incredible

"this incredible demonstration of the futility of bourgeois democracy and its awful dead end"


i cannot agree more - that these atrocities keep being carried out by democractic parliaments, is quite incredible, or not. reminds me of the failed german revolution - such betrayal.

i don't know fred, i've always had faith in worker's "councils". but to say it is becoming more possible and not simpy more necessary, is a sustantial claim. perhaps/.

I think part of what's

I think part of what's happening is that it's becoming easier for communists to win the argument. It might not sound like much at all, but with the degradation of parliamentary democracy, up to and including the openness of new communication technologies,  we more and more have the intellectual high ground.


I would add that obviously that doesn't equate to the economic objective, to destroy the economy.


All militants and or militant friendly people add to the former is a better grasp of history. I don't know about the latter...