Day of discussion on immigration

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Day of discussion on immigration
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Sorry I didn't make it, I was confused by the date, thought it was Sunday.

Pretty silly and lazy.

It's typical of me. I hope that no-one stereotypes the ICC's synpathisers cos of my own problems.


How did it go?

good meeting

It was a good meeting - well supported by our supporters with a few new faces, cormades from the CWO, MDF, and the AF. It was a good level of discussion about issues that are clearly preoccupying a lot of people. We will publish a synthetic account....

Ok ! Sounds interesting.

Ok !

Sounds interesting.

remember the meeting?

What was the meeting like? Did many people come? Was it interesting?  Did the communist movement gain any new adherents? Did the police or any other guardians of the state show up? Were the questions stimulating?