tobacco and the like

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tobacco and the like
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100 million people were killed by tobacco in the 20th century – as many as 1 billion are expected to die in the 21st century

  Ugh I really doubt that the question makes enough sense to ask, but will communists allow the production of tobacco products?



Capitalism allows for the production of harmful things like tobacco, guns etc... because they are profitable, the primary motivation of producing any product is whether it can be sold for a profit and any human concern is secondary.

I suspect that tobacco production will exist in Communist society but on a vastly reduced scale. Despite the fact it is so harmful there will still be people who want to smoke and I suspect that the production of tobacco will be restricted to those who consider themselves genuine afficinados or connisouirs. I think it would be futile for Communists to take a paternalistic position to try and stop this.

Despite this though I think an economy based around satisfying human needs will reject that tobacco is a credible need or desire thus tobacco production will not be a part of the overall economic 'plan' and those who wish to produce it wont find any help from the local commune or whatever. I also doubt that the commune would allow for these products to be available in the local store.