the gay vote

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the gay vote
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it was moving - i thought... i wondered if the solidarity between queer people is something communists could learn from, or the success thru the democratic vote - makes the whole thing pretty stupid.



sex set free

Are you suggesting lem that if all commies  were gay the queer solidarity spawned would trigger the revolution pronto? Or would this only apply if they were all respectably married queers enjoying connubially  legalised  bliss just like straight folk do? 

The Catholic Church has kind of stabbed itself in the feet over this hasn't it?  I suspect it's the Churches' forbidding of gay marriage that's swung everyone behind its legalisation in the vote, even persuading those  who wouldn't normally touch a queer with a barge pole. This is particularly the case as the Irish have always and traditionally been forbidden just about everything that could be fun by an all powerful church hierarchy safely  guarding its own domination and privileges. (The privilege of sex on the side; sadism; good food and drink;  homosexual practices and pederasty!)

The Church doesn't like gays having a strong public face. The Church sees queer activity as the private and secret prerogative of the clergy. There's nothing like a bit of nooky on the side,  specially if it's forbidden. Specially if it's forbidden to everyone except the clergy, who can do it as long as they're not found out. 

So what will Rome do about this? Beautiful breath-taking Rome, with the sunshine, exquisite  Italians,  Leonardo the fab, Michelangelo the divine and the Sistine Chapel choc a block with male nudes. Astounded  tourists gaping upwards let nuns collecting the money keep the change.

Rome's pontifical advice to "put a cork in it or tie a knot" with regard to all sexual urges that aren't  straight and taking place with a marriage permit and for procreative purposes only, has come a terrible cropper. Retribution has sprung it's trap.  The Irish have kicked the church in its arse. 

So what'll happen in the Philippines and S. America where contraception is successfully banned by Rome with the threat and  fear of eternal damnation;  and hordes of underfed, uneducated, and possibly unwanted kids consequently  block the streets in hordes?  Will the successful Irish homosexual challenge now  open the gates to theological disobedience and Family Advice Centres opening up outside all religious  establishments, even in the poorest most abject and till now most obedient of ecclesiastical neighbourhoods?

Has the Irish gay vote opened some sort of a breach in bourgeois democratic procedures and let in a chink of hope amid all the pervading economic gloom?

Somehow I doubt it!      


heh heh i am obviously not

heh heh i am obviously not saying that.