Did the dictatorship of the proletariat ever exist? Can it?

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Did the dictatorship of the proletariat ever exist? Can it?
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On another thread I said

the working class must destroy itself. right? it finding sustenance without a salary isn't enough to do that, there must be a radical change to consciousness that isn't simply "class consciousness".

I think that this is frightening, that even the question of how there can be a (fairly) imminent revolution is little compared to whether the class can fully destroy itself through its own dictatorship.

What do you think? Was there a dictatorship of the proletariat at any point in Russia?

I think it's my main - not sticking point with communist ideology, but fear for it. That the dictatorship could be sufficiently quick enough to not stall, and sufficiently slow enough to not be under the illusion that success has already been won.

There is the related question as to whether, after communism has been succesfully implemented the threat of barbarism of retroaction could re-appear... But I think that itself is a little misleading - personally I feel that, especially with the technological trajectory as it is today, the former tendency is more important pragmatically and ideally, than the fear that communism could reverse into some horror - once that is we have reached a classless state. It seems materially possible, but then so is mass extinction through a comet hitting earth e.g.. i.e. "evil" people will still exit - but yeah I have "faith" (that word) that communist existence will be strong enough (at least with our technological supremacy) to look after itself from "alien" threats - if not indefinitely then until another techno era begins. The principle of stasis?

Anyway, I hope I didn't end up ranting at the end there :-)

What I mean is that

What I mean is that dictatorship of the proletariat will be both a battle with the past (the bourgeoisie) and the future (the proletariat) - as well as the threat of counter revolution within the working class, its organs etc..