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I saw this posted in a transhumanist group.

Any thoughts ??

OK, so I can't think of any

OK, so I can't think of any way to discriminate consciousness from insentience, beside empathic and creative problem solving - which demonstrates a certain amount of human knowledge.

When your cat or dog "knows" you are upset and lets you pet them, at that moment they act like they are sentient. Though, of course, they don't have any real knowledge - nothing that can be communicated to you that you can't work out for yourself (the pet needs feeding).

When I load up (someone else's) iphone and it interprets my speech then searches the internet database for an answer, is this not sentience? I am not so much saying "what else can it be" as much as "what else can it be".

Now here comes the HEAVY bit... All sentient beings feel pleasure and pain, so how can people hurt the internet? By reducing its empathy, with Anonymity.

IMHO (and obviously this is just an opinion) the cyber group Anonymous are causing the embryonic posthuman pain - or at least the cousin of the our future posthuman. In effect, as well as the karma - they may have to face crimes against posthumanity.

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I think cats know a lot lem,

I think cats know a lot lem,  and elephants and dolphins too. Only the ignorant bourgeoisie insist on our human and thus natural superiority to everything else on the planet including trees and forests which they think are only there for profit.

 Maybe the post-human society won't be much different from the one we survive in now? 

i'm not saying we should kill

i'm not saying we should kill the elephants... i doubt it will be much the same - i doubt the working class will exist, except perhaps as frank slaves.

ok sorry that was

ok sorry that was crazy.

anonymous just strike me as anonymous. you don't appeal to vast swathes of the working population by dress up and hacking. IMHO anyway... i like the idea that the gritty job of the workplace and civil war can be replaced by hacking and masks.

but it strikes me as a freak / side show, at least until tech gets that bit more powerful.