lem_ weighs in before he's read anything (moral nihilism?)

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lem_ weighs in before he's read anything (moral nihilism?)
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hey i just read that one of the criticisms was that the icc have morals? have i misunderstood?

if it doesn't subordinate reality to itself then how [on earth] is that a bad thing? are you detractors all secret nihilists..?

never trust a nihilist, almost by definition.

OK looks like i misunderstood

OK looks like i misunderstood hahaha.

well we can always discuss the question if you like, anyway :) ! i should have read the article by leo etc. before i tried to weigh in in my too excited manner. hey, so here's my post to leo about that article if anyone wants to read it !!


ok cool, i'll message soon !

ok so i read the pale blue jadal post on the departure, which i hadn't done before well i had skimmed it it's not really my role to do anything but ask u questions

my impressions: that it was an unfortunate situation but that it cannot be put down only in terms of a failure of the organization. which is not to say i think pale blue jadal are to blame.

IMVHO, a culture of debate is indeed necessary tho i do disagree with your final summary of always admitting your mistakes. i mean it sounds noble, but i can also understand that an organization rather than individual that sees itself in any way an end to itself, might be ruffled by the idea.

ANYWAY you don't want to hear all that honestly, i only messaged you because i thought that there was more discussion about personalities / ethics, than it now seems that there was. i was intrigued by the idea that there were no ethics, i would find that dangerous. but that's not the same as at all times trying to frame the debate on political terms - which i would approve of, as long as it doesn't cover anything up, as perhaps the analysis of the icc [-ism, pogroism, etc.] did during that period.

so i guess i don't actually have any questions, tho i would maybe like to hear back from you after you've read these messages.