Why are they dismantling the welfare state

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Why are they dismantling the welfare state
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I read today that Cameron wants to stop benefits for people that won't be treated for their illness / condition.

Not only is this wildly out of step with reality, because the most psychologically damamged and ill people are those that reject treatment (I've been there). It also seems like the beginning of a tacit admission that the welfare state is no longer a profitable business.

Is that why? Or is it an attempt to machinate social tension / crises?

Hi lem. They're dismantling

Hi lem. They're dismantling the welfare state because they can't afford it and anyway the working class is always made to pay for capitalism's falling rate of profit. As I said on another thread, Cameron resents those who are over weight, unable to work - even if they could find a job - and cost the Health Service money it can't afford, because he sees their condition as the produce of over indulgence, not of miserable and unhappy states of mind generated by life under capitalism. 

Let me get this

Let me get this straight--they are cutting off benefits for those diagnosed with a "mental illness" who refuse "treatment"?

But the voices told me it

But the voices told me it would be ok!

I literally just paraphrased

I literally just paraphrased an article about the plans after the next election in my OP:

 stop benefits for people that won't be treated for their illness / condition.

I am googling it now and I can only see obese and drug addiction covered. Sorry maybe a false alarm guys LOL.



oh noi depression too
the whole welfare debate is

the whole welfare debate is topsy turvy OK if there's no money to help: but for the right wing press to suggest that claimants have an obligation to anyone but themselves to not be dependent on the state - is simple divisory nonsense that can only function to inflame the desperate underclass 

beyond belief

They're not dismantling the Welfare State at all lem. David Cameron said so himself  at PM's question time in the Commons yesterday. . In fact it's growing rapidly with  extra doctors recruited from the world over  and a super dooper increase in under-paid nurses who must be crazy to take the job on. In fact everything in the garden of England is so rosy it's beyond belief and difficult to keep up with.  The only thing that could spoil it is a return of labour in the next election.  Also beyond  belief is the increase in wonderful though miserably paid jobs in the North East of England and massive increases in the Black Country, to use the PM's words. (For those of you unfamiliar with this expression which arose in the 19th. Century when Birmingham England was always engulfed in smoke courtesy of the Industrial revolution, and may think it actually refers to the color of the population...you're wrong.) 

As to those who say you can't get to see a doctor anymore without making an appointment two weeks in advance (this requires the help of a crystal ball to warn you of on-coming infections) and that in Emergency rooms you could bleed to death while waiting the four hours needed for someone to see you (I think the PM  said waiting time was down by five minutes, or was that a promise for the future?) or those with cancer who die while waiting for admission to a hospital (the PM hinted that their numbers had actually fallen - maybe workers are realizing the futility of seeking medical help at all?) well, you're all liars, or labour supporters, or disgruntled layabouts with no guts! You couldn't be commies  because they all self-destructed in 1989. 

Oh yes! The PM paints a rosy picture of England's green and pleasant land - carefully  not mentioning Scotland which must be going to the dogs with the unmentionable Scottish Nationalists who could easily get into bed with labour- and rejects  any  suggestion of Dark Satanic Mills still extant in England. But an increase of a couple of thousand jobs here and there hardly marks a recovery, and the endless repetition of how the UK is the country that's doing best in Europe in terms of a "successful" capitalist economy, is hardly cheering news for those suffering austerity. (The rich have just had a Tax cut in the latest Budget! They deserve it don't they? The jobless quietly starving to death are now relieved from taxes altogether and the lowest paid workers among us will get an extra 30p and hour. Enough to buy a packet of crisps. Open your eyes oh reader and marvel at capitalism's generous bounty and boundless love of humankind.) 

The awful thing is that even if capitalism was only half as good as its political defenders endlessly lie that it is,  it would still be an unbearable disaster for the majority of the world's population, and specially the diminishing numbers of workers allowed employment and the great  privilege of helping make  the system's profits for the rich.

For it is an increasing agony and torture to have to go on living within  its appalling limitations. It feeds on the basest aspects of a human nature it cruelly cripples and then imposes as a given.  The things that help keep it going are disgusting.  Imperialism in all its forms. Gang warfare; religious mania; crushing social repression; the totally repellant repetitious boredom of an every day existence impossible to escape within the system itself and the wounded and dying  planet turned into a vast prison house for the sake of a few.  Why do we go on putting up with it?  When will we overthrow it?

Dont be depressed lem, though it's hard not to be. We're all in the shit together.  And your photograph is so handsome. You don't look depressed at all.