Would the ICC ever do you think consider

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Would the ICC ever do you think consider
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If not actively reforming itself as a different sort of entity, then creating a new organization which would be more involved in education and culture, than militancy and plans for state seizure?

It is not that I think the latter dangerous, I just am not sure I see it as the best use of resources anymore.


Kinda like the "libcom" idea but more critical of anarchists ?


reform or self-dissolution?

Not much chance of that, unless we were in a situation like the Communist League after the 1848 revolutions when Marx and Engels were in favour of its dissolution rather than it falling into the hands of adventurist types....

We will certainly be publishng more on 'culture' in the future, in line with our internal discussions, but the whole of the working class needs to develop its struggle as what Luxemburg called "a great cultural movement" which went beyond "bread and butter" questions. 

I don't think that's a fair

I don't think that's a fair comparison.

Marx and Engels did not live in decadent capitalism, or decomposition. If Marx was around today he probably would be a left communist, but he would still have just as hard of a time with the tactical and organizational questions.

OK thanks, appreciate the

OK thanks, appreciate the reply, and the tone :)

Militancy is cool, I just think that it may be a little speculative right now. I am not sure what I believe, but maybe think that Marxism doesn't have all the answers, only the questions. Maybe you Alf are thinking about it from the flip side?




It's not that I think Marxism

It's not that I think Marxism is over, that would be absurd, and probably would only suggest I didn't understand what it was. But equally my understanding of it is that Marxism isn't necessarily embodied in work place etc. militancy, but can be a way of interpreting that; so it isn't "played out" anymore than any science which isn't so popular in the media.

Anyway, I hope I didn't seem rude. Communist militancy is very noble and appealing, I just don't know it can be much of a force...