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what does the word mean?

'activism', not today... i have an intuiotn that this is an important question, and would liek to ask if i should be pro or anti activism.

and to what extent ?

this is part of my arts / poetry theory, so THANKS.


ps, thanks.


For us it means acting without theory: you do stuff that you think needs to be done, but you dont have an overall understanding of why you are doing it. Often connected to a substitutionist view: the masses aren't doing anything, so we (the activist minority) need to get out there and do it. An example would be Solfed's mania for picketing companies, unconnected to any real strike movements. 

Militancy: Highest stage of alienation

There is a good French text on the subject I think. It was probably translated.

Yes: Militancy: Highest stage of alienation

The criticism is interesting, but the text contains a wealth of factual and historical errors, shortcuts and political simplifications. Read carefully, then.

What is wrong in this text should not condemned what is true in it (mainly in the first chapters).