the importance of taking things "literally"

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the importance of taking things "literally"
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i was debating comrade rafa on the FB page, and wanted to start a discussion.

the fact is that IMHO noone can be sure what is really "going on" in the milieu one is discussing in. that's a huge part of the problem with capital, that the "ideal speech situation" doesn't exist!


IMHO outside one's party anyway, the best recourse is to taking what is said entirely literally, even if that ends in quibbling about what someone means.

what do you think ? what is the best way to discuss things ?

talks about talks

The answer surely is 'carefully and soberly'. It's difficult enough to understand communication through text sometimes. Expecting others to pick up sarcsam, implications, jokes, allusions and such like is a minefield.


Obviously that's an ideal to be aimed at, because in practice we don't always communicate carefully. Sometimes we're in a hurry, sometimes we're annoyed, some times we just make assumptions about how we will be understood that turn out to be very wrong.


So, yes, I think what you have to do with other people is assume they're being strightforward, unless you've got good reason to suspect they're not, and hope taht they make the same assumptions about you - while you're simultaneously trying to actually be straightforward.